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Sunday, 26 March 2023

Samagra Shiksha, AP - Quality DIKSHA Online Training on "Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing - DIKSHA" from 27-31 March, 2023 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Instructions to DEOS & APCs in the State - Reg

రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ లింక్:


To register the online training click here

Training Feedback Link click here

To attempt this quiz exam click here

తరువాత క్రింది లింక్ మరియు ఛానళ్ల ద్వారా ట్రైనింగ్ కు 27-03-2023 నుండి 31-03-2023 వరకు 5 రోజుల పాటు సాయంత్రం 4 గంటల నుండి 5 గంటల వరకు లైవ్ సెషన్ లో ట్రైనింగ్ కు హాజరు కావాలి.

లైవ్ సెషన్స్ లింక్:

given in ANNXURE-1).



ప్రత్యక్ష ప్రసారం అయ్యే ఇతర ఛానళ్లు:

PM e Vidya channels 1 నుండి 6 వరకు(6 -12 తరగతులకు ఉద్దేశించిన ఛానెళ్లు)

DD free dish channels# 28 to 34

Dish TV channel #2027-2033

JIO TV mobile app

Airtel channel #437-446

Tata Sky channel #756

Den Channel # 517-527

తరువాత  31-03-2023 న మేము పంపబోయే లింక్ ద్వారా అసెస్మెంట్కు  హాజరయ్యి 70% స్కోర్ ఒకే ఒక ప్రయత్నంలో సాధిస్తే, మీకు ఆన్లైన్ సర్టిఫికెట్ mail చేయబడును.

ఈ అసెస్మెంట్ లింక్  31-03-2023 6 PM నుండి 21-04-2023  6 PM వరకు పని చేయును.

కోర్సుపై మీ ఫీడ్ బ్యాక్ ను క్రింది లింక్ ద్వారా తెలియజేయండి

Feedback link:

గమనిక: ఒకవేళ లైవ్ సెషన్స్ కు హాజరు కాకపోయినా,మరోసారి హాజరు కావాలని అనుకున్నా, లైవ్ సెషన్ పూర్తి అయ్యాక మేము పంపే లింకుల ద్వారా రికార్డెడ్ సెషన్స్ కు హాజరు కావచ్చు.

అనుబంధం1 లో కోర్సు షెడ్యూలు, వివిధ లింకులు, QR కోడ్లు ( QR కోడ్ల సహాయంతో కూడా కోర్సుకు రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ చేసుకుని, కోర్సుకు హాజరు కావచ్చు.) ఇవ్వబడినవి.

ఇతర వివరాలు, లింకులు మరియు QR code లకొరకు క్రింది ఉత్తర్వులు మరియు అనుబంధం చూడగలరు.

ఈ ట్రైనింగ్ కార్యక్రమం కు విద్యా శాఖ కు సంబంధించిన అందరు స్టేక్ హోల్డర్స్ తప్పక హాజరు కావాలి మరియు అసెస్మెంట్ లో పాల్గొనాలి.

ఎవరు హాజరు కాక పోయినా తీవ్రంగా పరిగణంచబడును.

Samagra Shiksha, AP - Quality DIKSHA Online Training on "Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing - DIKSHA" from 27-31 March, 2023 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Instructions to DEOS & APCs in the State - Reg

Memo.No.SS-15023/31/2021-SAMO-SSA, Dt: 26/03/2023 

Ref: No.F.20.12/2022-23/DICT/CIET, dt: 17.03.2023 of the Joint Director. CIET-NCERT, New Delhi. (received on 20.03.2023)

The District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are informed that in the reference cited the CIET-NCERT, New Delhi has informed that NEP 2020 has clearly stated in clause 2.60, a national repository of high-quality resources on foundational literacy and numeracy will be made available on the Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA). Also, in the clause 23.60, NEP 2020 mentions, Teaching-learning e-content will continue to be developed by all States in all regional languages, as well as by the NCERT, CIET. CBSE. NIOS, and other bodies/ institutions, and will be uploaded onto the DIKSHA platform. This platform may also be utilized for Teacher's Professional Development through e-content. CIET will be strengthened to promote and expand DIKSHA as well as other education technology initiatives. Suitable equipment will be made available to teachers at schools so that teachers can suitably integrate e-contents into teaching-learning practices.

The DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing) is a national platform for School education, an initiative of National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT). Ministry of Education, DIKSHA was developed based on the core principles of open architecture, open access, open licensing, choice and autonomy. It is built on open source technology that is made in India and for India, incorporating technologies and allowing for a variety of use-cases and solutions for teaching and learning. Through innovative state programmes, DIKSHA enables all States/ UTS to enable learning at home/ school, thereby elevating the use of technology for the benefit of teachers and learners across the country. It has served as a repository for digital resources for a variety of stakeholders.

Further it is informed that CIET-NCERT is organizing a five hours online training on "Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing - DIKSHA" from 27-31 March, 2023 from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm to leverage the understanding of teachers, students, teacher educators, administrators, and other stakeholders of school education on the usage of DIKSHA in teaching, learning and assessment. The online training will be live telecast on NCERT official YouTube channel and also be simulcast through PM eVidya DTH TV channels numbered #6-12 and Jio TV mobile app.

The detailed instructions on registration, participation, assessment and certification in this online training on "Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing - DIKSHA", visit the event page by using the link: or scan the QR code to visit the page (Details also given in ANNXURE-1). The link for registration is

Therefore the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are requested to share these details with all the teachers, students, teacher educators, administrators. and other stakeholders of school education so that the understanding and applicability of the DIKSHA can have an enduring impact. This banner attached along with (image file for using in social media and PDF file with clickable links for sharing through groups is attached) may also be disseminated through websites/ social media posts/ instant messenger groups, etc.

For any query with regard to participation and support can contact Dr.Angel Rathnabai, Technical


Step 1: Registration : Register yourself by clicking the link :-

Step 2: Watch live Panel Discussion: Participants have to attend Panel discussion, which will be live-streamed on NCERT Official YouTube channel - from 27-31 March 2023 at 4:00 - 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday).The session will also be telecasted live on the following channels-

PM e VIDYA Channel number #6-12 meant for Classes VI to XII.

DD Free Dish Channel #28-34

DISH TV Channel #2027-2033

JIO TV Mobile App

TATA SKY Channel #756

AIRTEL Channel #437-440

Den channel #517-527

If you have missed the live sessions, you can watch the recording at the given link - (Link will be updated on 27 March 2023)

Step: 3 Participation in Post-Session Activity and Certification: Participate in the post session quiz, score 70% & above to get a certificate.

Post session Quiz -(Link will be updated on 31 March 2023) Opening Date: 31 March 2023, by 6:00 pm

Closing Date: 21 April 2023, by 6:00 pm

Participants are allowed to attempt the quiz only once and those scoring 70% and above in the quiz will receive a certificate of participation in their registered mail ID within 30 days of taking the post session quiz (Check in SPAM Mail if not found in the Inbox).

Step 4: Submit Your Feedback: Submit your feedback using the link -

This feedback form is intended to know your experiences, learning, and suggestions regarding the online training on “Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing - DIKSHA” organized by CIET-NCERT.

Kindly share your experiences and suggestions with us. This will help us in further improvement of the virtual training process. Confidentiality of your responses will be ensured.

For any queries, reach us at or call #8800440559 

To register the online training click here

Training Feedback Link click here

Download AP SS Proceedings 

Day wise Schedule


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