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Friday, 20 January 2023

Learn A Word A Day

 Learn A Word A Day 

Action plan communicated – Regarding.

Date:31.1.23 Spell bee


Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Train  - ట్రైన్- రైలు

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:   Yacht - యాట్ - చిన్న విహారనౌక

Usage: 1. I will buy a yacht and sail around the world.

2. He owned a yacht.

3. He boarded the yacht and set sail.

4. He planned to cross the river by a yacht.

5. He dived into the water and reached the yacht.

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:    Ride - రైడ్ - స్వారీ/ నడపడం

Usage: 1. Have you ever rode on a horse ?

2. She is riding a bicycle on the road.

3. He learnt to ride a bicycle.

4. I go for a long ride on weekends.

5. He took me for a ride on his bike.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Wagon  - వాగన్ - బండి

Usage:   1. The wagon was full of cement bags.

2. Please stop that wagon.

3. They drove wagons and carried supplies.

4. They crossed the country in wagons.

5. He always takes a wagon when he has to carry vegetables.


Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Scooter  - స్కూటర్

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:   Vehicle - వెహికల్  - వాహనం

Usage: 1. People would benefit greatly from a pollution-free vehicle.

2.Have you locked your vehicle?

3. This is a mechanically propelled vehicle.

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:    Traffic -  ట్రాఫిక్ - ఒక సమయంలో రోడ్డుపై ఎక్కువగా చేరిన వాహన సముదాయం.

Usage: 1.The snow had a predictable effect on traffic.

2. They detoured around the traffic jam by heading south.

3. The traffic accident is really a tragedy.

4. Traffic was dislocated by the snowstorm.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Visa  వీసా - ఇతర దేశానికి వెళ్లి అక్కడ ఉండడానికి లభించే అధికారిక అనుమతి.

Usage:   1.  Be careful not to overstay your visa.
2. Money is not everything. There's Mastercard Visa.

3. Have you the requisite visa to enter

4. Do you need a visa for Egypt?


Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Lorry  - లారీ

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:   Transport - ట్రాన్స్పోర్ట్ - రవాణా

Usage: 1. The goods were transported in a ship.

2. A bus transported the passengers from airport to the bus stop.

3. The car is the most popular means of transport.

4. Petroleum oil is transported from Saudi to India .

5. What is the cheapest means of transport ?

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:    Tourist - టూరిస్ట్  - యాత్రికుడు/ పర్యాటకుడు

Usage: 1. Hampi is a tourist place.

2. He works as a tourist guide in Lepakshi.

3. There are many tourist places in India.

4. The tourist needed some information.

5. Tourists are not permitted to visit this place in this season.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Spaceship  - స్పేస్షిప్  - అంతరిక్ష నౌక

Usage:   1. The crowd watched the spaceship. 

2. Kalpana Chawla went into space in a spaceship.

3. The spaceship is out of the orbit around the moon.

4. The spaceship will get to the moon soon.

5. Its thrilling experience to travel in a spaceship to the moon


Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Helicopter -హెలికాప్టర్

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:   Travel - ట్రావెల్  -ప్రయాణం

Usage: 1.It is expensive to travel by plane.

2.He determined to travel no further that night.

3. Travel adds spice to your life.

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:    Pollution - పొల్యూషన్- కాలుష్యం

Usage: 1.Air pollution will soon soar above safety levels.

2. Poverty is a more pressing problem than pollution.

3. Pollution poses a great threat to our existence.

4. Matters of pollution and the environment concern us all.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Roller Coaster రోలర్ కోస్టర్ - లోహపు పట్టాలపై పైకి కిందికి తిరుగుతూ మలుపులు తిరుగుతూ వేగంగా ప్రయాణించే చిన్న రైలు /రోలర్ కోస్టర్. దీనిని జాతరల వంటి వాటిలో ఏర్పాటు చేస్తారు . ప్రజలు సరదాగా ఆనందం కోసం ఎక్కుతారు 

Usage:  1. It's our turn on the roller coaster.

2. It's great to go on the roller coaster five times and not be sick.

3. Life is a roller coaster, you have your ups and downs unless you fall off.


Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Car - కార్ - కారు

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:   Passenger - పాసెంజర్  - ప్రయాణీకుడు

Usage: 1.There were 30 passengers in the bus. 

2. He is a passenger but not a driver. 

3. The conductor asked the passengers to take ticket. 

4. He sat in the passenger seat.

 5. The mysterious woman passenger vanished.

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:   Junction - జంక్షన్ - కలయిక/ కూడలి

Usage: 1. You should slow down at the junction. 

2. An accident occurred at the junction. 

3. We will meet at the junction.

 4 . I will be waiting for you at the junction. 

5. He runs a shop at the junction. 

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Parachute -పారాచూట్ -గొడుగు వంటి పరికరము

Usage:  1. He was wearing a parachute.

 2. He's just done parachute jump. 

3. He opened the parachute.

4. She made her first parachute jump. 

5. The parachute floated gently down to earth.


Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Bullock cart - బుల్లక్ కార్ట్ - ఎద్దుల బండి

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:  Luggage -  లగేజ్ - ప్రయాణస్తుని సామాను

Usage: 1. Less luggage more comfortable.

2. The passengers are allowed to carry less luggage.

3. I have booked my luggage in a transport.

4. Put your luggage on the rack.

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:  Highway - హైవే -రహదారి

Usage: 1. He crossed the highway with difficult.

2. The traffic on highways is busy in the afternoons. 

3. There is a traffic jam on the highway.

4. It took us 2 hours to reach the airport by highway.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Overtake - ఓవర్టేక్ - దాటి పోవు

Usage: 1.P T Usha overtook other runners in the race.

2. He managed to overtake the vehicle.

3. We will overtake China by 2034 in economy.

4. Don’t overtake a vehicle on narrow roads.


Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Boat - బోట్ - పడవ

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:  Journey - జర్నీ  - ప్రయాణం

Usage:  1.The longest journey starts with a single step. 

2. I've packed you some food for the journey.

3. Life is like a journey with an unknown destination.

4. All my good wishes for a pleasant journey!

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:  Footpath - ఫుట్ పాత్  - కాలిబాట

Usage: 1.We walked along the footpath.

2. The fence runs the length of the footpath.

 3.This is a footpath ; cars are not allowed

 4.We walk along a footpath beside the river.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Lifeboat - లైఫ్ బోట్ - నౌక సముద్రంలో మునిగిపోయే స్థితిలో వున్నప్పుడు ప్రాణాలు రక్షించుకునేందుకు ఉపకరించే చిన్న నావ / రక్షక పడవ

Usage: 1. The lifeboat picked up all the survivors.

2. The lifeboat rescued the sailors from the sinking boat.

3.The lifeboat went out to a ship in distress.



Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Bicycle - బైసికల్ - సైకిల్

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:  Flight - ఫ్లైట్  - విమానం/  ఎగురుట/ మెట్లవరస /గుంపు

Usage:  1.  My flight was an hour late.

2. I got a cheap flight at the last minute.

3. The London-Addis flight goes via Rome.

4. The flight was delayed as a result of fog.

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:  Crane - క్రేన్  - బరువులను ఎత్తిదించెడు కప్పీ యంత్రం

Usage: 1.The crane lifted the container off the ship.

2. A crane was already unloading crates and pallets.

3. The crane lifted the heavy stone from the ground.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Canoe - కను - చిన్నపడవ

Usage: 1. He hewed a canoe out of a tree trunk.

2. We attempted to manoeuvre the canoe closer to him.

3. The canoe was sucked into the whirlpool.



Level-1(1st &2nd Classes)

Word:  Auto - ఆటో - ఆటోరిక్షా

Level-2(3rd,4th &5th Classes)

Word:  Airport - ఎయిర్పోర్ట్  - విమానాశ్రయం

Usage:  1. We have enough time to go to the airport.

2. His parents saw him off at the airport.

3. There is full security in the airport.

4. She works as an announcer in the airport. 

5. Several planes landed at the airport.

6. Shall we go to the airport to receive Anand ?

Level-3(6th,7th &8th Classes)

Word:  Accident - ఆక్సిడెంట్- ప్రమాదం

Usage: 1. He was injured in an accident.

2. The accident happened while he was crossing the road.

3. The car was completely in the road accident.

4. The accident occurred yesterday. 

5. A fire accident took place in the mart.

Level-4(9th &10th Classes)

Word:   Aircraft - ఎయిర్క్రాఫ్ట్ - విమానం/ విమానాల

Usage: 1. The aircraft was delayed in its arrival.

2. Indian army destroyed three Pakistani aircraft.

3. The engineer assembled the modern aircraft bit by bit.

4. There is a small aircraft was on the runway. 

5. He is very much interested in aircraft armament.

6. The aircraft disappeared after sometime.



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