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Friday, 20 May 2022

Google Read along - Read Along App Download - May -2022 Schedule Story Links

 Google read along app download Google read along app online read along online Partner Codes  How to use google bolo app read along app download Links  read along app download class 1-8 Telugu and Englsih Story Links read along app download apk read along bolo app May 2022 Schedule:

Department of School Education has released the Stories to Read by Students on the google Read Along BOLO App

Links for Telugu Stories..

Google Read Along Telugu Stories Link June - July 2022
Links for Telugu Stories
Sl.NoDateClasses 1-8
101-06-2022Story 13
202-06-2022Story 14
303-06-2022Story 15
404-06-2022Story 16
505-06-2022Story 17
606-06-2022Story 18
707-06-2022Story 19
808-06-2022Story 20
909-06-2022Story 21
1010-06-2022Story 22
1111-06-2022Story 23
1212-06-2022Story 24
1313-06-2022Story 25
1414-06-2022Story 26
1515-06-2022Story 27
1616-06-2022Story 28
1717-06-2022Story 29
1818-06-2022Story 30
1919-06-2022Story 31
2020-06-2022Story 32
2121-06-2022Story 33
2222-06-2022Story 34
2323-06-2022Story 35
2424-06-2022Story 36
2525-06-2022Story 37
2626-06-2022Story 38
2727-06-2022Story 39
2828-06-2022Story 40
2929-06-2022Story 41
3030-06-2022Story 42
3101-07-2022Story 43
3202-07-2022Story 44
3303-07-2022Story 45
3404-07-2022Story 46
3505-07-2022Story 47
3606-07-2022Story 48
Google Read Along Links for English Stories1-8th Classes June July
DateClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Classes 6-8
01-06-2022Story 13Story 13Story 13Story 13Story 13Story 13
02-06-2022Story 14Story 14Story 14Story 14Story 14Story 14
03-06-2022Story 15Story 15Story 15Story 15Story 15Story 15
04-06-2022Story 16Story 16Story 16Story 16Story 16Story 16
05-06-2022Story 17Story 17Story 17Story 17Story 17Story 17
06-06-2022Story 18Story 18Story 18Story 18Story 18Story 18
07-06-2022Story 19Story 19Story 19Story 19Story 19Story 19
08-06-2022Story 20Story 20Story 20Story 20Story 20Story 20
09-06-2022Story 21Story 21Story 21Story 21Story 21Story 21
10-06-2022Story 22Story 22Story 22Story 22Story 22Story 22
11-06-2022Story 23Story 23Story 23Story 23Story 23Story 23
12-06-2022Story 24Story 24Story 24Story 24Story 24Story 24
13-06-2022Story 25Story 25Story 25Story 25Story 25Story 25
14-06-2022Story 26Story 26Story 26Story 26Story 26Story 26
15-06-2022Story 27Story 27Story 27Story 27Story 27Story 27
16-06-2022Story 28Story 28Story 28Story 28Story 28Story 28
17-06-2022Story 29Story 29Story 29Story 29Story 29Story 29
18-06-2022Story 30Story 30Story 30Story 30Story 30Story 30
19-06-2022Story 31Story 31Story 31Story 31Story 31Story 31
20-06-2022Story 32Story 32Story 32Story 32Story 32Story 32
21-06-2022Story 33Story 33Story 33Story 33Story 33Story 33
22-06-2022Story 34Story 34Stary 34Story 34Story 34Story 34
23-06-2022Story 35Story 35Story 35Story 35Story 35Story 35
24-06-2022Story 36Story 36Story 36Story 36Story 36Story 36
25-06-2022Story 37Story 37Story 37Story 37Story 37Story 37
26-06-2022Story 38Story 38Story 38Story 38Story 38Story 38
27-06-2022Story 39Story 39Story 39Story 39Story 39Story 39
28-06-2022Story 40Story 40Story 40Story 40Story 40Story 40
29-06-2022Story 41Story 41Story 41Story 41Story 41Story 41
30-06-2022Story 42Story 42Story 42Story 42Story 42Story 42
01-07-2022Story 43Story 43Story 43Story 43Story 43Story 43
02-07-2022Story 44Story 44Story 44Story 44Story 44Story 44
03-07-2022Story 45Story 45Story 45Story 45Story 45Story 45
04-07-2022Story 46Story 46Story 46Story 46Story 46Story 46
05-07-2022Story 47Story 47Story 47Story 47Story 47Story 47
06-07-2022Story 48Story 48Story 48Story 48Story 48Story 48

Links for May Telugu Stories

Google Read Along - Telugu Links Schedule-May 2022 Sl.No Date Classes 1-8 Reading Links 1 20-05-2022 Story 1 2 21-05-2022 Story 2 3 22-05-2022 Story 3 4 23-05-2022 Story 4 5 24-05-2022 Story 5 6 25-05-2022 Story 6 7 26-05-2022 Story 7 8 27-05-2022 Story 8 9 28-05-2022 Story 9 10 29-05-2022 Story 10 11 30-05-2022 Story 11 12 31-05-2022 Story 12

 Links for May English Stories

Google Read along - Read Along App Download - May -2022 Schedule Story Links

Google read along app download Google read along app online read along online Partner Codes  How to use google bolo app read along app download Links  read along app download class 1-8 Telugu and Englsih Story Links read along app download apk read along bolo app May 2022 Schedule:

The government of Andhra Pradesh partnered with Google to improve students' reading fluency in Telugu and English by using Read Along App

Through this app, teachers and parents can monitor and track the progress of their children and support their improvement in reading.

To download the app  Clickhere

To get this app on your mobile phone and betterunderstand its use please watch the videos And Partner Codes - How to use partner code

All District Partner Codes

Download Read along App

Google Read Along Links: Classes 1-8 Telugu Stories - May 2022

S L NODate Classes 1-8 Links for Telugu Stories 
120-05-2022Story 1
221-05-2022Story 2
322-05-2022Story 3
423-05-2022Story 4
524-05-2022Story 5
525-05-2022Story 6
726-05-2022Story 7
827-05-2022Story 8
928-05-2022Story 9
1029-05-2022Story 10
1130-05-2022Story 11
1231-05-2022Story 12

Google Read Along -Links Class 1-8 English Stories -May 2022

Date Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6-8
20-05-2022Story 1Story 1Story 1Story 1Story 1Story 1
21-05-2022Story 2 Story 3Story 2Story 2Story 2Story 2Story 2
22-05-2022Story 4Story 3Story 3Story 3Story 3Story 3
23-05-2022Story 4Story 4Story 4Story 4Story 4Story 4
24-05-2022Story 5Story 5Story 5Story 5Story 5Story 5
25-05-2022Story 6Story 6Story 6Story 6Story 6Story 6
26-05-2022Story 7Story 7Story 7Story 7Story 7Story 7
27-05-200Story 8Story 8Story 8Story 8Story 8Story 8
28-05-2022Story 9Story 9Story 9Story 9Story 9Story 9
29-05-2022Story 10Story 10Story 10Story 10Story 10Story 10
30-05-2022Story 11Story 11Story 11Story 11Story 11Story 11
31-05-2022Story 12Story 12Story 12Story 12Story 12Story 12

All District Partner Codes

Download Read along App


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