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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Payment of HRA and CCA while on Leave on the ground of suffering from Cancer and other ailments such as Mental illness, Heart diseases, Leprosy, renal failure and HIV Aids in respect of State Government Employees – Orders –

 GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH ABSTRACT ALLOWANCES – Recommendations of PRC 2010 – Payment of  HRA and CCA while on  Leave on the  ground of suffering from Cancer  and other ailments such as Mental  illness, Heart diseases,  Leprosy,  renal failure  and HIV Aids in respect  of State Government Employees  – Orders –  Issued. 

FINANCE (FR.I)  DEPARTMENT G.O. Ms. No. 29      1.  G.O.Ms.No.438, G.A. (Spl.A) Dept., dt. 7-7-2008.              Dt. 9-3-2011 Re adt hef ol lo wi ng :  2.  G.O. Ms.No. 386, finance &  Planning  (FW.FR.I)  dept., dt. 6-9-1976 3.  G.O. Ms. No. 20,  Finance &  Planning  (FR.I)  Dept., dt. 25-1-1977. 4.  G.O.Ms.No.153, Finance  (FR.I)  Dept., dt. 4-5-2010 *** O R  D E R: In  the  Government Order 1st  read  above,  orders  were  issued  constituting Ninth Pay  Revision Commission and government appointed Sri C.S. Rao,  IAS, (Retd.), as Pay  Revision Commissioner.   

  2. The Ninth Pay  Revision Commission submitted its report to the Government on 5-12-2009 and  recommended, inter  alia  that,  “as  in  the  case  of regulation of  D.A. while on leave,  the  payment of  H.R.A.  &  C.C.A. may  also be allowed to State Govt. employees as applicable  to the employees of Govt. of India.  The Commission  therefore recommends  the payment of H.R.A./C.C.A. upto 180 days  during  leave of  all kinds in  the normal course.  However,  in case   the leave is  granted to  the employees who are suffering  from  Cancer and other ailments such  as  Mental  illness, Heart diseases,  Leprosy,  renal failure  and HIV Aids they  may  be paid  HRA/CCA upto a  period  of 8 months.  The Commission further  recommends that  if  the employees are suffering  from  the above ailments, and who remain  on leave for  a period  exceeding  8 months, the  grant  of HRA/CCA for the period of leave beyond 8  months may  be decided by  the Head of the Department concerned so long  as  the period of leave is supported  by  the Medical  Certificate in  the prescribed form.  The  commission feels that  since TB is easily  curable  with advances  in medicine  there  is no need  to extend the  facility  to patients suffering  from T.B. 3. In  the Government order  4th  read  above,  it was ordered that  the  maximum earned leave  that  may  be  granted  at  a  time  to a  government servant in superior service is enhanced from 120 days  to 180 days  on  par with the employees of the Govt. of  India. 4. In  the G.O. 2nd   and 3rd  read above orders were  issued for the drawal of full pay  to the extent of  six  months, in  lieu of six  months half pay  leave, if at credit, by  all regular Government servants, who are  suffering from Leprosy/Tuberculosis/Cancer/Heart  diseases and Mental  Illness and  Renal (Kidney)  failure. 4. After  careful  examination of the report,  Government  decided  to  accept  the recommendations of  the  Pay  revision Commissioner and  hereby  order  that, the payment of HRA and CCA be allowed to  State  Govt. employees upto  8 months during  the leave availed  on the ground of  suffering  from Cancer, Mental  Illness, Heart diseases,  Leprosy,  Renal failure and  HIV  aids.  Further, if the employees   suffering  from the  above  ailments, remain on leave  for  a  period exceeding  8 months, the grant of HRA/CCA for the period of leave beyond 8 months  shall be decided by  the Head of  the Department concerned so long as the  period of  leave is supported by  the Medical  Certificate in the  prescribed form.  This facility  is not available to  the Govt. employees suffering  with  T.B.  since  TB is easily  curable with advances in medicine.

5.These  orders  will come  into force  with immediate effect. 

 6. This  G.O. is  available  on  Internet  and  can be  accessed  at  the  address  and . (BY ORDER AND  IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF ANDHRA PRADESH)      L.V.  SUBRAHMANYAM         PRL.  SECRETARY  TO GOVERNMENT  (FP)


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