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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Online Teacher Trainings for AP Primary Teachers of classes I to V through DIKSHA Platform - Course Details, Schedule

Online Teacher Trainings for AP Primary Teachers of classes I to V through DIKSHA Platform - Course Details, Schedule

Procs.Rc.No:SS-15023/5/2021-SAMO-SSA Dt:04/05/2021

Sub:- Department of School Education Samagra Shiksha Continuous Professional Development of Teachers at Primary Level - Online Teacher Trainings for Primary Teachers of classes I to V through DIKSHA Platform from 07-05-2021 to 01-06-2021- Orders Issued Reg.

Read: This office Memo.No.SS-15023/1/2021-SAMO-SSA dated 23-03.2021.

All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers, and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are hereby informed that, it is planned to conduct a Online Training Program (in DIKSHA Platform) to all the Primary School teachers who are handling Classes to V for creating awareness to different innovative methods for smooth class room instruction on New Text Books and to provide live examples for different transactional process of subjects through videos language games etc for achieving the desired goals from 07-05-2021 to 01-06-2021.

The objective of this program is to make teachers understand the philosophical and psychological background of the new text books and train teachers in making suitable Teaching Learning Material particularly Digital content, to enable teachers to organize Library periods - We Love Reading etc. The online teacher trainings through DIKSHA platform is schedule from 07-05-2021 to 01-06-2021 and cover the following courses. The detail online Training scheduled is annexed.

Course-1: Orientation on New Textbooks (07-05-2021 to 22-05-2021)

Course-2: We Love Reading (23-05-2021 TO 28-05 2021)

Course-3: Diksha Content Creation (29-05-2021 TO 0106-2021)

In this regard all the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to inform all Mandal Educational Officers to instruct willing Primary School Teachers who are handling classes I to V to avail this Online teacher training course through DIKSHA platform as per scheduled timetable.

Download Proceedings  

Download Course Details, Schedule

📙✍️రాష్ట్రము లోని మండల విద్యాశాఖాధికారులకు రాష్ట్ర కార్యాలయ ఉత్తర్వులను అనుసరించి మీ మండలాల లోని ఉపాద్యాయులు ఆన్ లైన్ ట్రైనింగ్ ప్రోగ్రామ్ లో పాల్గొనేటట్లు ఆదేశాలు జారీ చేయగలరు.

ఇందులో మూడు రకములైన ట్రైనింగ్లు రూపొందించబడినవి.

Course I👉1. Orientation programme on New text books from 7-5-2021 to 22-5-2021

Course II👉2.We love reading from 23-05-2021 to 28-05-2021

Course III👉3. Diksha Content Creation from 29-05-2021 to 01-06-2021

పైన తెలిపిన‌ షెడ్యూల్‌ ప్రకారం ఒకటి నుండి ఐదవ తరగతి భోదిస్తున్న ఉపాద్యాయులు దీక్షా ప్లాట్‌ఫారమ్ ద్వారా ఈ అన్లైన్‌ ట్రైనింగ్ పొందవలయును.

దయచేసి అందరు ఉపాద్యాయులూ పాల్గొని మన‌  ఈ కార్యక్రమం ‌దిగ్విజయం గా జరిగేటట్లు చూస్తారని ఆశిస్తున్నాము.


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