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Thursday, 25 March 2021

గ్రామ సచివాలయ వ్యవస్థలో కీలక మార్పులు!

 Key changes are about to take place in the village secretariat system in AP.  The AP government is working on changes to the drawing officer system.

ఏపీలోని గ్రామ సచివాలయ వ్యవస్థలో కీలక మార్పులు చోటు చేసుకోబోతున్నాయి. డ్రాయింగ్‌ ఆఫీసర్‌ వ్యవస్థలో మార్పులకు ఏపీ సర్కార్‌ కసరత్తు చేస్తోంది. ప్రస్తుతం గ్రామ సచివాలయాలకు డీడీవోగా వ్యవహరిస్తున్నారు పంచాయతీ ఈవో. అయితే.. పంచాయతీ ఈవో స్థానంలో వీఆర్వోను డీడీవోగా నియమించే ప్రతిపాదనపై ఏపీ సర్కార్‌ దృష్టి సారించింది. కానీ ఏపీ ప్రభుత్వ ప్రతిపాదనను పంచాయతీరాజ్‌ ఉద్యోగ సంఘాలు ఒప్పుకునేలా కనిపించడం లేదు. వీఆర్వోలను గ్రామ సచివాలయాలకు డీడీవోలుగా నియమించడాన్ని పంచాయతీరాజ్‌ ఉద్యోగ సంఘాలు తీవ్రంగా వ్యతిరేకిస్తున్నాయి. అవసరమైతే... ఎలాంటి చర్యకైనా సిద్ధమని పంచాయతీరాజ్‌ ఉద్యోగ సంఘాలు చెబుతున్నాయి. ఉద్యోగ సంఘాల నుంచి వ్యతిరేకత కారణంగా...

ఏపీ ప్రభుత్వం తన నిర్ణయాన్ని వెనుకకు తీసుకుంటుందా ? లేదా ? అనేది అందరిలోనూ సందిగ్ధత ఉంది. దీనిపై త్వరలోనే క్లారిటీ రానుంది.

Proper Coordination between Gram Panchayats and Village Secretariats - Delegation of Authorities to certain functionaries G.O.MS.No. 2 Dated: 25-03-2021

Department of GV/WV & VS/WS - Village Secretariats - Proper Coordination between Gram Panchayats and Village Secretariats - Delegation of Authorities to certain functionaries - Orders Issued G.O.MS.No. 2 Dated: 25-03-2021.

Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.104, PR&RD (Mdl.I) Dept., Dated:22.06.2019.

2. G.O.Ms.No.110, PR&RD (Mdl.I) Dept., Dated:19.07.2019

3. G.O.Ms.No.149, PR&RD (Mdl.I) Dept., Dated:30.09.2019

4. G.O.Ms.No.150, PR&RD (Mdl.I) Dept., Dated:30.09.2019

5. G.O.Ms.No.156, GA (Cabinet-II) Dept., Dated:21.12.2019.

6. G.O.MS. No.33 GA (Cabinet-II) Dept., Dated 13.04.2020.


In the reference 1st read above, orders were issued for positioning of Volunteers @ one for around 50 households on honororium basis in the rural are as to ensure leak proof implementation of Government programmes / Schemes at the door steps of people with utmost transparency.

In the reference 2nd read above, Village Secretariats were established for providing “Last Mile Delivery” of State Government schemes to all eligible beneficiaries on saturation basis, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region, gender and political affiliation. Further, to ensure that the living standards of the citizens are augmented on a continual basis, through the concept of NAVARATHNALU, requisite systems and processes were established for an impactful, transparent and timely service delivery at the village level.

In the reference 3rd read above, Government issued Job Chart of Panchayat Secretary. In the reference 4th read above, Government issued Job Chart of Panchayat Secretary, Grade – VI (Digital Assistant).

In the reference 5th and 6th read above, Government of Andhra Pradesh established GVWV & VSWS Department, which shall act as an integrated institution for building capacities and ensuring real-time monitoring of newly positioned volunteers and secretariat functionaries for service delivery to the citizens.

The primary objective of GVWV & VSWS Department is to monitor and streamline the activities of newly established administrative setup, with targeted focus towards strengthening secretariats and empowering Village/Ward Secretariat functionaries. The State Government constituted 15,004 secretariats, as an extension arm of the State Government, for implementation of various Government schemes/ services. The Secretariats are servicing across 13,000 plus villages and 120 ULBs in the State. With over 1.34 Lakhs Village/ Ward Secretariat functionaries and 2.66 Lakhs Volunteers engaged in this new set-up, the Department is monitoring service delivery of over 543 plus services to the citizens.

Government of Andhra Pradesh envisions the Secretariats to become “One Stop Solution” to address all the requirements of the citizens and address grievances pertaining to service delivery. The Department foresees to augment the service delivery by adopting citizen-centric service delivery model by including below services:

i. Set up Aadhar Centers, Branch post offices, facility of Sub- Registration in all Secretariats etc. 

ii. GOI services with necessary tie-ups with CSC and other institutions and augmenting service delivery by providing services related to Passport, B2C etc.It was felt that there is a need for proper coordination between the local Gram Panchayatand the Village Secretariat(s) which serves as an extension arm of the State Government since theSecretariats provide around 543 plus services relating to various State Government Departments.The roles and responsibilities of the various Village Secretariat functionaries need to be definedproperly so as to ensure proper coordination between the Gram Panchayat and the VillageSecretariat(s). This Department has conducted multiple deliberations with various LineDepartments like Agriculture, Panchayat Raj, Municipal Administration, Revenue, Energy etc. andalso with District Collectors and District Level Officers of some of the Districts to ensure better convergence and coordination between Gram Panchayat and Village Secretariat(s).

To ensure better service delivery through the Village Secretariats and to ensure better coordination between Gram Panchayat and Village Secretariat(s) in public interest, the Director, GVWV & VSWS has proposed certain modifications in the references (2), (3) and (4) read above regarding the Executive, Drawing and Disbursement and Administrative Functions of Functionaries in the Village Secretariats.

Government after careful examination of the proposal of the Director, GVWV &VSWS

Department and taking into consideration the views expressed by the Line Departments, District

Collectors and District level officers, in partial modification of the GOs issued in the references (2),

(3) and (4) read above hereby issues the following orders so as to ensure better service delivery

and coordination between Gram Panchayat and Village Secretariat(s) in public interest.

i. Executive functions: Panchayat Secretary shall act as Executive Officer of the Gram Panchayat and shall function as a Link Officer between Gram Panchayat and Village Secretariat(s).

ii. Drawing and Disbursement functions and Coordinator for implementation of Government Schemes:

a. Panchayat Secretary (I to V) shall act as a Drawing and Disbursement Officer (DDO) for himself/ herself and existing Panchayat Staff (regular / outsourcing / contractual staff) of Gram Panchayat.

b. Village Revenue Officer (VRO) shall act as a DDO for all the Functional Assistants in the Village Secretariat including Digital Assistant, except the Panchayat Secretary (Grade I to V) and existing Panchayat Staff (regular / outsourcing / contractual staff).

c. VRO shall act as a Drawing and Disbursement Officer for drawing and disbursing of honorarium to the Grama Volunteers.

d. VRO shall also act as a Coordinator for activities related to service delivery of Government Schemes and shall ensure effective implementation of State Government schemes / services being rendered by Village Secretariats.

iii. Administrative Functions:

a. All Village Functional Assistants including Digital Assistants, except Panchayat Secretary (Grade I to V) and existing Panchayat Staff (regular/ outsourcing/ contractual staff), shall seek approval of Casual Leave from the respective Head of the concerned Department at the Mandal level and Casual Leave application shall be routed through VRO.

b. Sarpanch is the competent authority to sanction Casual Leaves of Panchayat Secretary (I to V) and existing regular Panchayat Staff of Gram Panchayat.The Director, GVWV & VSWS Department, HODs of concerned Departments and the ChiefExecutive Officer, APCFSS are requested to take necessary action.

Download complete G.O copy


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