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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Purchase of Paper Products of LEPAKSHI NANDI Brand Note books, Plain Copier Paper, Scribbling pads by all Government Departments, Educational and other Institutions

Purchase of Paper Products of LEPAKSHI NANDI Brand Note books, Plain Copier Paper, Scribbling pads by Government Departments, Corporations, Commissionerates, District Collectorates, Educational and other Institutions Placing orders on Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation Ltd. - Orders - Issued G.O.MS.No. 55 Dated: 06-10-2020


From the VC&MD, APTPC Ltd., single e-file No. 11/571/2020-AMNGR-6 (Computer No.1196818)


The Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation Ltd. (APTPC) is an undertaking of Government of Andhra Pradesh established in 2007 in terms of the reorganization of AP State Trading Corporation (APSTC) as per the recommendations of the IIM, Bangalore with the following

a. To Promote International trade from the State by taking up trade promotional activities and advising trade and industry.
b. To establish logistic and trade promotional infrastructure like Container Freight Stations, Bonded warehouses, Trade Fair complexes.
c. Manufacture of all kinds paper products including the manufacture of Lepakshi Nandi brand note books with the sole objective of acting as price stabilizer in the market and provide quality products with competitive prices to Government departments and general public

The APTPC Ltd., has been in this business for the last 38 years manufacturing and supplying note books to the Welfare Departments of the Government and to the Open Market under the brand name of
Lepakshi Nandi Note Books till 2014 under erstwhile APTPC Ltd.,

The APTPC Ltd., is a self-sustained organization acting as a price stabilizer in the market by supplying quality note books at reasonable prices and contributing to the Government exchequer in terms of taxes
and providing employment to the people in the paper products industry.

The APTPC Ltd., is buying the raw material in bulk from manufacturers in thousands of tons and in view of their economies of scale of operations supplying quality notebooks and Plain Copier Paper,
student diaries and scribbling pads at very reasonable and competitive prices to the Government Departments and open market competing with the best brands in the open market.

The APTPC Ltd., will supply the required Lepakshi Nandi Plain Copier Paper of A4, Full Scape and A3 sizes of required GSM viz 70, 75,80 etc, to all the Departments, Corporations and all other Organisations. Lepakshi Nandi Scribbling Pads will be supplied to all the Departments, Corporations and all other Organizations.

Keeping all the above into consideration, the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, APTPC Ltd., has requested the Government to issue orders to all the Departments to place their indents to Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation Ltd.,

Government after careful examination of the request of the Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation Ltd., hereby direct all the Government Departments, Commissionerates, District Collectorates, Corporations, Boards, Residential Schools, Gurukulams, Kasturba Schools (KGBV), etc., to place their orders for their paper products requirements i.e., note books including record and Graph books, Plain copier paper of all sizes, scribbling pads on Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation Limited.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vid their U.O.No. FIN01 FMU0ASD(IC)/146/2020-FMU-IIEIC; dt:18.08.2020.


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