SCERT Report -58 పేజీల నివేదికను రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వానికి సమర్పించిన ఎస్‌సీఈఆర్‌టీ - నివేదిక లో ఉన్న వివరాలు... ~

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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

SCERT Report -58 పేజీల నివేదికను రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వానికి సమర్పించిన ఎస్‌సీఈఆర్‌టీ - నివేదిక లో ఉన్న వివరాలు...

SCERT submitted the 58-page report to the state government

 The information is as clear as the English medium

 Parents who have already decided to become English medium for their children

 Sakshi, Amaravathi: The State Education Research and Training Council (SCERT) has submitted a 58-page report to the government on the introduction of English medium in public schools in the state.  It includes a thorough analysis of many issues and emphasizes how much English medium is required from the school level.  The government recently collected written options from the parents of the students about which medium to teach in the next academic year for students studying in 1st to 5th grade.  In view of this, the government has issued a directive ordering the SCERT to submit a report with recommendations to enable the introduction of the English medium.  The SCERT has prepared a comprehensive report and submitted it to the government.

 What's in the report ..
 After a thorough analysis of all forms, SCERT reported that the following items are included in the report.  While emphasizing the importance of students becoming fluent in the mother tongue, it is recommended that there should be teaching in English medium from one class to the other for comprehensive proficiency in other subjects.  It is clear that the objectives are fulfilled.  Like that.
 English medium develops content knowledge, skills and standards.
 ► This is because the values ​​set out by the Constitution increase in students.  Integrated development is possible in students.
 To enhance physical and mental capacity .. Student centered teaching.  Learning should be carried out by undertaking various processes.
  Students should be able to express their feelings freely without stress, fear and anxiety ..
 విద్యార్థులు Always monitor the knowledge acquisition that students achieve in a continuous comprehensive evaluation process to see how much their capabilities are increasing.
 ప్రభుత్వం For this purpose the government should introduce English medium to class 1 to 10 in a phased manner.
 సంబంధించి In this regard SCERT has developed English medium textbooks from 1 to 6.
 Urdu, Tamil, Kannada and Oriya medium schools continue to exist.  English medium classes can be pursued in parallel with the students' options at those schools.
 ంలో In the wake of the government's directives to make Telugu subject compulsory for classes 1 to 10, SCERT has already redesigned Telugu subject textbooks to strengthen the mother tongue.
 చర్యలు Activities such as strengthening the teaching process and improving infrastructure in schools through government programs.
 ► Workbooks, school kits, developed textbooks and nutritious lunches for students to further support this.
 అనేక Many of the training programs offered by the teachers based on ICT platforms have been developed.
 విద్యార్థులు Conduct regular meetings with parents and discuss with students the progress.


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