AP - Buses on roads from 18?- ఏపీ రోడ్లపై 18 నుంచి బస్సులు?... ఇవీ కండీషన్లు... ~ MANNAMweb.com

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Monday, 11 May 2020

AP - Buses on roads from 18?- ఏపీ రోడ్లపై 18 నుంచి బస్సులు?... ఇవీ కండీషన్లు...

Corona Lockdown |  Corona Update: In our Telugu states so far, we have seen more cases of bus ... than those who sit in the seats.  If the buses no longer run ... Nilchuneware will not be on the buses.  Even those who are seated ... There will be no Chance to sit in all the seats.  Half the seats remain empty.  As part of Social Distance ... such conditions are coming.  The AP government is ready to return the buses that have not walked for 50 days.  It has been reported that buses will be operating from Green and Orange Zones starting this month.  So ... since the number of passengers is going down drastically ... the ticket rates will be increased by 40 to 50%.
 These are the key points:
 - There are 60 seats in village light buses in AP.  If you drive them ... there will be 34 of them. - Two of the three seating seats will be seated.  The middle seat is empty.
 - Sit in one of the two seating seats.
 - Likewise 26 of the 60 seats are empty.
 - There is a proposal to increase ticket prices by 40 per cent on these buses.  18 of them (adjacent seats) are being taken.
 - In the middle space ... newly fitted 8 seats.
 - There are no longer 26 seats on these buses.  26 traveled to Mande.
 - There is a proposal to increase ticket rates by more than 30% on these buses.

 - Ultra Deluxe has 20 seats and 8 new ones.  So ... 12 seats will be reduced.
 - All buses are making similar changes.
 - Selling 800 buses at 128 depots in AP.

 Hand sanitizer on the bus: There will no longer be conductors on AP buses.  Social deconstruction is a must.  Not a single traveler / traveler is beautiful.  The bus driver who takes the bus ... hand sanitizer drops.  Roasting.  Because of Corona ... there are many changes in RTC.  So ... if ticket prices go up ... travel is hard.  Travelers feel that ticket prices are already very high.  If it is increased by 40 to 50 per cent ... it is argued that it is better to go in private vehicles than in buses.


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