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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

మేలోనే టెన్త్‌ పరీక్షలు నేటినుంచి ఇంటర్‌ వాల్యుయేషన్‌ 1 నుంచి 9వ తరగతి దాకా పరీక్షలు రద్దు పై తరగతులకు ప్రమోషన్‌ .. విద్యాశాఖ ఉత్తర్వులు

Tenth Exams  in May
 Inter-valuation from today
 Cancellation of exams from 1st to 9th grade
 Promotion of upper classes .. Education Ministry orders
 We will conduct physical tests
 We will increase test centers if needed
 There are special buses for students
 Decision on the next academic year coming soon
 CM KCR disclosed at a press conference

 Hyderabad, Namaste Telangana: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said that the 10th class exams that were halted due to coronation will be conducted this month.
 After three tests in March, the coroner's fears were postponed to the High Court's orders.  Eight more tests are to be performed.  Speaking at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, CM KCR said that the remaining 8 tests would be conducted as per the High Court guidelines.  Speaking on these tests, CM said that the 2500 test centers that were set up earlier would be increased to 5000 if needed.  We will do 5500 if needed.  We will arrange for fewer students in a hall with physical distance.  We sanitize the examination rooms.

 We provide masks for students who write the test.  The Minister of Education will take a decision on this.  The Cabinet has taken a decision on the conduct of examinations and directed the Advocate General.  We will apply in court immediately.  Let us apply before the CJ and take the concert.  We hope the court will grant the permit too.  Children and parents are in tension.  We take all kinds of precautions for them.  By arranging RTC buses for students.  Take it to the examination centers and bring it again.  We also give special car passes to rich children.  SSC exams will be completed by May, in accordance with the Covid rules.  Because other admissions and intermediate courses are based on SSC, the CM said.


 As the inter-examinations have been completed, the paper-making program and spot valuation will be undertaken from Wednesday, the CM said.  Inter students will also do this without difficulty.  The Minister of Education, Secretary and Cabinet Sub-Committee will sit and make the final.  For this purpose, a module is prepared on which method to follow.  We need to get together with Corona.  If not a little clever.  Avoiding danger with a trick.  So we are using the technique.  We must acquire intelligence now.  It is not.  It continues to haunt us.  So far, we've protected ourselves with some help.  From now on we can protect ourselves from the trick.  Someone will come and save us.  In addition to conducting the tenth class examinations, we will also be completing the inter-spot valuation.  Will the coming Academic Year be delayed by fifteen days?  Will it be June?  Casting for July?  Which is better?  How much can you do?  The chief minister explained that the state and the country will declare a short period of time considering the corona situation.


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