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Sunday, 15 September 2019

గణితశాస్త్రవేత్త ఆచార్య నల్లాన్ చక్రవర్తుల పట్టాభి రామాచార్యులు1933 నవంబర్ 11-సెప్టెంబర్ 19,2015

గణితశాస్త్రవేత్త ఆచార్య నల్లాన్ చక్రవర్తుల పట్టాభి రామాచార్యులు1933 నవంబర్ 11-సెప్టెంబర్ 19,2015

గణితశాస్త్రవేత్త ఆచార్య నల్లాన్ చక్రవర్తుల పట్టాభి రామాచార్యులు (82) సెప్టెంబర్ 19న వరంగల్ జిల్లా హన్మకొండలో కన్నుమూశారు. నడయాడే గణితశాస్త్ర విజ్ఞాన సర్వస్వంగా పిలిచే పట్టాభి రామాచార్యులు ఆర్‌ఈసీ(నేటి నిట్)లో గణితశాస్త్ర ఆచార్యులుగా పని చేశారు. గొప్పనటుడిగా సుపరిచితులు.పట్టాభిరామాచార్యులు ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లోని ఏలూరు అగ్రహారంలో 1933 నవంబర్ 11న జన్మించారు. 1967లో ‘సమ్ ప్రాబ్లమ్స్ ఆఫ్ నాన్-న్యూటోనియన్ ఫ్లుయిడ్, డైనమిక్స్’ అనే అంశంపై పరిశోధనా వ్యాసం సమర్పించి డాక్టరేట్ అందుకున్నారు. ఇనిస్టిట్యూట్ ఆఫ్ టెక్నాలజీ అండ్ మేనేజ్‌మెంట్‌కు ఐదు ఏళ్లు డిప్యూటీ డెరైక్టర్‌గా పనిచేశారు.

A great legend of Mathematics in A.P-Prof.N.Ch.Pattabhi Ramacharyulu was born on 11th
Noveber 1933 at Agraharam,Eluru.He had his early studies at Eluru.He obtained M.Sc degree in
Mathematics from presidency college,Madras(Chennai).In the Year 1967,he achieved his Ph.D
on "Some Problems of Non-Newtonian Fluid Dyanamics" from Osmania University,Hyderabad.
 As a teacher in the filed of Mathematics, Prof. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu was applauded by one
and all. First he worked in Sir C.R.Reddy college for seven years. Then he joined in Regional
Engineering College ,Warangal which is now well known as NIT,Waranagl.He rendered his services
for 33 years there.All through his career Prof.Pattabhi Ramacharyulu inspired thousands of students
and won fame as a best teacher.His services as a Professor Emeritus and Deputy Director of the
Institute of Technology and Management,Warangal for 5 years were highly acclaimed.
In the filed of research ,Prof.Pattabhi Ramacharyulu was a hall mark. He started
his research under the guidance of Prof.S.K.LakshmanRao,a life-long Researcher.His articles more
than 300 were published in reputed journals in the areas of Fluid Mechanics, non-Newtonian and
Polar Fluids, Thermo Viscous Fluids, Flows through porous media and with particle suspension, Heat
Transforms, Modelling Ecology, Life and Medical Sciences, Modelling in Economics. He produced
more than 50 Ph.Ds and plenty number of M.Phils. Even at the age of 82 years,his valuable services
and cooperation were utilized by the research students of several universities.
 The lifetime achievement of Prof.N.Ch.Pattabhi Ramacharyulu was the establishment
of Andhra Pradesh Society for Mathematical Sciences (APSMS). As a Pioneer, General Secretary
and Chief Promoter,he nursed it for one decade and paved the way for it's success. Today APSMS
occupies an important place in promoting research activity in manifold directions of Mathematics. He
took strain and pain to attend to several National and international conferences as
an eminent resource person only for the purpose of encouraging the new generation. He visited some
foreign countries also.International Centre Theoretical and Applied Physics, Triste (Italy), University
of Pavia (Italy) and University of Bordeaux (France) are some to be mentioned.As a Member
of Board of Studies, he extended his valuable services to Sai Institute of higher learning, Anantpur
and Andhra University,waltair. He participated in several guest lectures which were arranged all
over India.His zeal to promote research activity among the youth was matchless
and marvelous. Prof.Pattabhi Ramacharyulu was not only a stalwart of Mathematics but also a
good promoter of spiritualism.
The intellectualness of Prof.Pattabhi Ramacharyulu was recognised by many
institutions.He received Dr. Sanjeevaraya Sharma Ganita award in 2006 by Ramanujan Ganita
Academy and Mathematics Library, Ramachandrapuram (A.P). He was honoured with the
distinguished Mathematics teacher award in 2008 from the Association of Mathematics Teachers of
Late Prof. N.Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu
Retired Professor
N.I.T, Warangal

India at Bodh Vidyapeet Jaipur (Rajasthan).In fact his students who are occupying highest positions
in various walks of life are the real testimonials of Prof.Pattabhi Ramacharyulu's intelligence and
 The yeoman services rendered to the filed of Mathematics by Prof.N.Ch.Pattabhi Rama
charyulu will ever inspire research scholars.He was a best teacher, matchless guide and
an embodiment of mankind.Above all he was a walking encyclopedia of Applied Mathematics.
He passedaway on 19-09-2015.In this connection,IJSIMR expresses it’s deep gratitude
towards Late Prof.N.Ch.Pattbhi Ramacharyulu for his unforgettable support and valuable cooperation.


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