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Monday, 19 August 2019

“Vindam Nerchukundam” Radio Proiramme/ IRI lessons 01.08.2019to 31.03.2020 Orders issued reg, Rc.2472

All the Project Ofcers are hereby informed that, the “Vindam
Nerchukundam” Radio Proiramme/IRI Lessons for primary classes are scheduled
to broadcast from 01.08.2019to 31.03.2020.
Therefore they are requested to iive wide publicity, take necessary acton
issue the followini instructons to all the Head masters of schools/Mandal
Educaton ofcers in the district to make necessary arraniements for the
utlizaton for the benefit of the students and maintain reiister.
Further they are requested to take followini necessary acton.
1. Download the Radio Schedule, print and supply the radio schedule to all the Head
Masters of the Schools concerned with instructon to follow the iuidelines and
2. Issue instructons to all the Head Masters of the school concerned to keep the radio
in workini conditon and make necessary arraniements for listenini of the proiram.
The Expenditure is to be met from the State SSA udiet for the year 2019-20
manaiement cost.
3. If the Radio is not available in the schools, it should be purchased immediately or if
not in the workini conditon may iet it repaired by meetni the expenditure from the
school irants.
4. To identfy two teachers in the district (One from Primary school from upper Primary
school) to listen and monitor the broadcastni of Radio lessons daily and submit the
feedback in the proforma to the Project Ofce. In turn the Project Ofcer should
submit the same to the state Project Director and also contract the authorites of AIR
staton concerned, if any transmission problem arises (List enclosed).
5. Issue the instructons to the Sectoral Ofcers/ Mandal Educaton Ofcers/
CRPs/SRGs/DLMTs to observe whether the Head Master/Teachers are makini
necessary arraniements to listen the Radio lessons to the students, whenever they
visit the schools and furnish the informaton in feedback proforma to the ProjectOfcers.
6. Consttute the District level teams consistni with one(1) Sectoral Ofcer/ SRG
member/IRI teacher/ DLMT/CRPs to visit at least (5) Primary Schools in a month to
observe the implementaton of Radio Proirammes and obtain the feedback and
submit to this ofce and upload in SSA website if internet facility available.
Further all the Project ofcers in the state are hereby requested to submit the names of Resource persons who are well versed in moral
educaton, Health educaton and at least one lesson once in a month in tribal
laniuaie and urdu also for broadcastni in radio lessons under “vindam
nerchukundam “ the names of Resource persons and the themes which prepared
by the Resource persons shall submit to this ofce on or before 10.08.2019 for
inclusion is to Radio lesson.
Encl: As above

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