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Friday, 2 August 2019

SCERT AP Digital work shop for SLAS Results -Dissemination and Assessment Dashboard Training for HMs through VCR ,Rc.20

R.C.No.: 20/B/AC/SCERT/2019 Dated: 1.08.2019
Sub: SCERT A.P–Digital Workshop for SLAS
Results Dissemination and Assessment Dashboard Training for HMs through Virtual Classrooms – Orders issued –R

Ref: 1. Minutes of Meeting on Vidya Vikaasam Initiatives held with Commissioner of School Education, dated 02.04.2019

Dear All,
In light of clash with Ananda Vedika event, the Virtual Classroom workshop has been postponed. The new date will be intimated soon.
With Regards,
State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT
Andhra Pradesh

All the District Educational Officers in the state are hereby informed that
SCERT has planned and scheduled a digital dissemination workshop on SLAS 2019
and Assessment Dashboard Training for Headmasters for all Primary Schools,
Upper Primary and High Schools (Govt, MPP/ZPP) in the state on 3rd August, 2019
through Virtual Classrooms (VCRs). The workshop will be conducted in two slots,
forenoon (9:30am to 1:00 pm) and afternoon (2:00pm to 5:30pm). Each Headmaster
will be required to attend the workshop in one of the slots (details of schedule for
each Headmaster are given in the annexure).
Results of Large Scale Assessment like SLAS and from Summative
Assessments are a source of insights for Headmasters and teachers. They enable
the identification of focus areas, based on which targeted interventions including
teaching strategies and remediation can be carried out to improve student learning.
Objectives of the Workshop
1. Sensitization on the Student Learning Achievement Survey and how it can be
used to improve classroom transaction and student learning
2. Provide information on students’ performance in SLAS 2019.
3. Introduction to the new Assessment Dashboard
4. Training on how to use the Assessment Dashboard at the school and class
level and how to take actions based on it.
The dissemination workshops will be conducted across the state in Virtual
Classrooms (VCRs).The workshop will include a live telecast of Assessment
Dashboard training, administered by the State Assessment Cell, SCERT. The live
session will be followed by broadcast of recorded video modules on SLAS. The
workshop should be attended by headmasters of every Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary School in the state. Refer to the annexure for details on schedule and
venue for each headmaster.
In order to ensure the smooth conduction of the workshop, all District
Educational Officers in the state are requested to ensure that the guidelines given
below are adhered to:
1. Request the Headmasters of every Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary
school to attend the workshop at the designated location and time (refer to
Annexure 2 for details).
2. Request the Headmasters of VCR Schools to ensure that the Virtual
Classrooms are opened on time for the workshop (refer to Annexure 1 for

Download..... proceedings

Download.....Venue and timings school wise

*💻Flash...📊 AP student assessment dash board ఏర్పాటు....* 

▪రివ్యూ మీటింగ్ స్ట్రక్చర్ , 

▪వివిధ లెవెల్స్ లో అనగా రాష్ట్ర ,జిల్లా,డివిజన్ , మండల ,పాఠశాల స్థాయి డాష్ బోర్డ్ లు...

▪Dash board ని ఏ విధంగా ఉపయోగించాలి...
▪అస్సెస్మెంట్ నిర్వహించి ...వాటి ఫలితాలు తరగతి వారీగా... ఆగస్ట్ 31 లోపు క్లాస్ రూమ్ లలో పోస్టర్ అతికించాలి..

పూర్తి వివరాలకు....
*Launch and Usage of the Andhra Pradesh Assessment Dashboard for Review  Meetings and Data-backed Interventions - Orders issued - Reg.


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