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Saturday, 26 May 2018

STATE FUNCTION – Observance of NAVA NIRMANA DEEKSHA from 2nd June to 8th June, 2018 - Orders – Issued,GO.259 ,Dt.25/5/18

STATE FUNCTION – Observance of NAVA NIRMANA DEEKSHA from 2nd June to 8th June, 2018 - Orders – Issued,GO.259 ,Dt.25/5/18
STATE FUNCTION – Observance of NAVA NIRMANA DEEKSHA from 2nd June to 8th June, 2018 - Orders – Issued,GO.259 ,Dt.25/5/18

O R D E R:

  1. In the reference read above,Government notified to observe appointed day on 2nd June every year as NAVANIRMANA DEEKSHA. Accordingly, Government will observe NAVANIRMANA DEEKSHA from 2nd June to 8th June 2018.The Programme of NavaNirmanaDeeksha will be started by the Hon’ble Chief Minister with pledge from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM on 2nd June, 2018 at Benz Circle, Vijayawada. At GP/Ward level, public meetings should be organised where the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s speech and pledge will be broadcast live. Pledge shall be taken by all citizens of A.P from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM on 2nd June. It will be administered by the Hon’ble Chief Minister. Throughout the State all citizens are requested to take the pledge themselves by reading the text of the pledge distributed in advance. Even in the residential houses Head of the Family is requested to take initiative to administer the pledge to the entire family members present from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM on 2ndJune, 2018.
  2. Arrangements are to be made for organising gatherings at all GP/Ward level venues to take the pledge.The text of the pledge will be available in the Office of Advisor, Communications and the District Collectors shall ensure adequate number of copies are printed and made available to all the people and shall take all the preparatory action for conducting the above programme.
  3. There shall be public discussions and debate in all GPs/Wards. Everyday debate will be on the subject mentioned below:
  4. Every day on the subject mentioned above there shall be public speeches, debates followed by cultural programme in the evening on the theme detailed for that particular day.
  5. The incharge Ministers of Districts are requested to participate in the above programmes in their respective Districts. In the programme Venue, Photo Exhibition on the theme of the day shall be organised for public viewing. All Districts incharge Ministers are requested to coordinate with District MLAs and District officials, Collectors are requested to put incharge Special Officers/District Officers for each Mandal/Municipality for effective participation, management of the programme at GP/Ward level and to make the entire programme successful.
  6. All Secretaries/HODs shall arrange the material/talking points concerning their subjects as per the above Schedule and they should ensure effective participation of all their officers/stakeholders in the programme being organized at GP/Ward level and obtain feedback from all their officers about the programme/even concerning their Departments.
  7. The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations, Andhra Pradesh, is requested to finalise publicity and media plan and preparation of materials for the subjects proposed for debate and discussions, photo exhibitions, television coverage of the events etc., in consultation with Advisor to Government, Communications. The material and talking points for the seven days will be made available by the Office of Advisor to Government Communications.Media Coordination Committees should be formed for effective communication with Press/TVapart from the above.


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