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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Safety of the school children - Maintenance of buses by the Educational Institutions - Guidelines Issued

SE - Safety of the school children - Maintenance of buses by the Educational Institutions - Guidelines Issued 

RC.No.118/PS-1/2014                                                                             Date:02-05-2018

Sub:-  School  Education - Safety of the school children - certificationof the maintenance of busses  by the Educational Institutions in the  State - guidelines  issued  - Regarding.

The  schools,   especially   under   private managements  are   running school busses/vehicles for transporting school children. Several incidences of mishaps to school  buses   in  various   parts of  the   State   confirm   that  the  buses   are  not maintained up to the required extent  by the school management.  Moreover,there have  also  been  instances of appointment of un-trained drivers,   to man  school buses,  reckless driving causing grievous injuries  to children,  etc.
Safety of the school children - Maintenance of buses by the Educational Institutions - Guidelines Issued

All  the   Regional   Joint   Directors of   School Education  and    the   District Educational Officers in  the  State  are,  therefore,  instructed to take  up  a  special drive to check  the  school busses and  see  the  following preventive measures are followedproperly for the safetyof the school children:

1. Exterior of the Bus

• School  buses   should  be  painted yellow with  name  of the  School  written prominentlyon both sides of the bus so that  these can be identifiedeasily.

•"School Bus" must  be prominently written on the back  and  front of the bus carrying school  children.  If, it is a hired  bus,  "On School  Duty" should be clearly written.

• Details of the Driver (Name, Address, License Number, Badge Number) and Telephone  number   of   the   school  or   owner   of   the   bus,    Transport Department's Helpline number and  Registration number of the vehicle shall be  displayed at  prominent places  inside  and  outside the  bus  in  contrast colour.  It is to be clearly visible to all the passengers in the bus  and  to the public  so that in case  of necessity, the  school authority /  police or other authorities can be informed.

2. Interior of the Bus

• The windowsof the bus  should  be fitted with horizontal  grills and with mesh wire

•  The doors of the bus  should be fitted with  reliable locks that  can be locked.
•  The school authorities must ensure  that  emergency exit doors  are installed in each school bus.
•The  schools buses   should  be  fitted  with  speed  governors  with  maximum speed limit of 40 Km/ph.
• The school authorities should ensure that  every school  bus  should possess two fire extinguishers of ABCtype of 5 kg capacity having ISI mark.  One of which  should  be kept  in the driver's  cabin  and  second near  the emergency exit door.  Similarly, training should  be given to the  driver,  conductor and lady attendant /  guard to operate the fire extinguisher.
•The seats  of the  school bus  must  be of non-combustible material for safety of school children.

• Global Positioning System  (GPS)  and  CCTVarrangement should be  made compulsorily in each school bus.  It shall be ensured by the owner of the bus that the  GPS and  CCTVthus installed, is kept  in working condition at all the time.

3. Manpower in the Bus

•Each School should  designate one Transport Manager who will be entrusted with the  responsibility to ensure   the  safety of school  children  travelling by school  bus.   Name  and  contract   details  of the  Transport  Manager of the school must  be prominently displayed outside  and inside  the school bus.

•The driver of the school  bus  shall possess  a valid driving license  and  must have minimum five years of experience of drivingheavy vehicles.

• In addition to the driver,  there shall be a conductor, holding a valid license, deployed in each bus,  and his qualifications, duties  and  functions should  be in consonance with the provisions in Rule 17 of MotorVehicleRules, 1933.

•Provision  shall   be  made  by  the  school  authorities  for  at  least  one  well• trained   lady  attendant,  preferably   a  lady  guard, in  each   school  bus,  to attend the  school children travelling in the bus,  who will ensure  safe travel of  the   children  during  the   entire   journey  and   also   render   adequate assistance of safe boarding and de-boarding of the children.

•The   school  authorities  are   also    directed   to   voluntarily  evolve   an arrangement, as far as possible, that  in each  school  bus at least one parent should  be present, who would oversee  the conduct of the driver and  other staff present in the  bus  during the journey. This  steps  would ensure   that safety measure are  complied with in letter  and  spirit  and  the  driver drives

• Under no circumstances any outsider except the bus  driver,  conductor, the authorized well trained lady guard and one parent  of wards,  shall be allowed to board the school  bus.

4.  Facilities  in the  Bus

•  The school bus must  have a First AidBoxand Drinking Water.

• To keep the school bags safely, there  shall  be a space  fitted under  the seats or at a convenient place inside the bus.

•The school buses  shall be fitted with alarm  bell and  siren  so that  in case of emergencyeveryone can be alerted.

•   The school bus  shall not be fitted with curtains or glasses  having films.

•   The school bus shall have sufficient white lighting inside  the bus.

• Activities inside  the school bus should be visible from outside whenever  the bus is plying on road.

5.  Permits

• Schools shall  not  own or hire  any  transport  service which  does  not  have valid permit  or do not  fulfill the  requisite permit  conditions prescribed by the State Transport Department.

• There should be valid Insurance of the school  bus  as well as passengers in the bus as per "The Motor Vehicles Act 1988".
•Medical checkup regarding the  physical fitness  of the  driver including eye testing shall be made  everyyear. Fitness  certificate issued  by the competent authority shall  be obtained as  per  the  safety  standard under   "The Motor VehiclesAct 1988".
•The  driver  who  has  been  challaned  more  than  twice  in a year  for any  kind  of offences    which    inter   alia    include    red   light   jumping,   violation    of   lane discipline or  allowing unauthorized   person   to drive,   cannot   be employed by the  school  authorities.

•The   driver   who   has    been   challaned   even   once   for   the   offence  of  over speeding,  driving   dangerously  or  for  the   offences under  section   279,   337,
338  and   304A  of the  Indian   Penal  Code  or under    POCSO Act,  2012  cannot be employed  by the  school  authorities.

The  driver  shall   be  dressed in  the  uniform  of grey  trouser    and  jacket   or as prescribed  by  the   State Transport   Department   with   his   name   place   along with  name  of owner  of the  school  bus  distinctly   embossed.

The  school  bus  shall  be driven  by a driver  having valid  public  service vehicle badge  with  photograph  issued   by the  State  Transport  Department.

If age  of  the   students  is  below   12  years,   the   number   of  students   carried shall  not  exceed   1   'I,  times  the permitted seating  capacity and  the students above 12 years  shall be treated as one person.

Periodicalfitness certificate regarding roadworthiness of the school bus  shall be obtained as per "The Motor Vehicles Act,  1988".

Any school  authority and  /  or the  driver  of the  school  bus  found  to have violated the   provision of "The  Motor  Vehicles Act,  1988"  and   the  rules framed   thereunder  as   well  as   of  the   directions  of  the   Board,   State Government and  the Courts  must  be penalized.

In case of hired  school buses,  the  school authorities shall enter  into a valid agreement with the owner  I transporter of the school bus  and  the driver of the school bus  shall carry  a copy of such  agreement.

The record having details  of the students ferried indicating the name,  class, residential  address,  blood  group,  points   of  stoppage,  route   plan  should always be kept in readiness with the bus conductor inside the school bus.

Whenever a contract carriage is used  for carrying the  school  children, the owner of the vehicle must  give intimation to the  local police station  as well as the concerned District Traffic Policy Authority clearly indicating the name of the driver and particulars of the vehicle etc.

The school bus  drivers  are restricted to use mobile phone  while driving the school bus and are restricted to have interactions with the students and bus staff beyond a limit.

6.  Arrangements to be  made by  school authorities.

The school  authority shall  ensure that  the  doors  of the  school  buses  shall remain shut  while the bus is in movingcondition.

They will ensure that  the  school buses  halt only at but stops  designated for the purpose  and within the marked  area.

•    The  school  authority shall make  safe  arrangement for  boarding and  de boarding of school children from the school bus.

•   The  school  bus   will remain   in  stationary mode  while  boarding and   de boarding of school children from the school bus.

•    Refresher  training course with a view to fine-tune  and  increased proficiency
?f driving shall be imparted to drivers of the school bus periodicallyi.e. twice
ma  year.
•     No driver  shall be  allowed to drive  the  school   bus   in  a  drunken   condition.
Regular    check    up    in   this    regard    shall    be   undertaken   by   the   school authorities.  In  case  of any  suspicion,   the  driver  of the  school bus  must   be subjected   to  "Medical   Test"   immediately•  and   appropriate   action   including action  for cancellation  of the  driving  licence shall  be undertaken.

The  school  authority  must   provide one  mobile  phone   in  each  school bus  so that   in  case  of emergency  the  school bus   can  be  contacted  or  the  driver   / conductor  of the  school bus  can  contact   the  Police, State   Authority and  the school authority.

The school  authority shall  ensure  that  the school buses   are  not  permitted  to over-take any  four  wheeler  while  carrying the  school  children.        •

The   school    authority   shall    ensure   to   train    the   students    to   maintain discipline  while   boarding,   commuting  and   de-boarding   the   school bus   so that  no one  gets  hurt.

The  school  authority  shall  make necessary  arrangements   for parking of the school  buses    inside   the   school   campus    at   the   time   of  boarding  and   de• boarding of school children.

In case  it is not  possible   to park the  school  buses   inside   the  school campus, the  school   buses  must   be parked   in  such  a way so that  it does  not create any traffichazard for other vehicles.

Periodic feed-back from school children using  school Transport facilitywith regards  to driver/conductor be taken and records  are to be maintained.

The  school  authority  shall  encourage the  students  to  conduct  programs through play,  exhibition etc.  during   the  Road  Safety  Week to  create  the awareness in public.

The school must  have a proper  resting place for the drivers  so that  they can drive in a relaxed way.

7.  Advisory to Parents

•Parents  are equally responsiblefor the safety of their children during  school journeys.

•Parents must   ensure that   the  mode  of transport  arranged by  the  school authorities or by themselves  is absolutely safe for children.

• They should note  down  the  violations  committed by  the  driver• and  other staff of the school buses  and immediately report  to the school authorities or the concemed  State  atrfhorjtiea.

• Parents  must  participate in PTAmeetings and  discuss   the safety aspects  of their children.

•Parents must   avoid  using  the  transport services from  vehicles not  having valid licence or permit to carry the school children.

•    Parents must play the roleof a vigilant observer on this sensitive subject.

In addition to  the   compliance,  the  following points  must also  be  ensured  by the  administratvi e  authority  of the schools:

• Name,  home   address  with   telephone number  of  driver   must   be  made available for DEOs record.
• School  bus/vehicle should be inspected by school authority from  time  to time and its condition should be got certified by the competent authority.
In  case  of  any  lapse/guilt    by  driver  for  not  following   the   rules   the  matter should   be reported  to police  by school   authorities.   Otherwise  the  recognition of the  school  should   be cancelled immediately.

A transport   committee  should    be  formed   with  parents  of  the   children  at every  school  level for  deciding   the  transport  fees,  rout  of the  bus,   bus  stops and  to check   if the school vehicles/buses have the required documents like registration papers, fitness  certificates, insurance papers, transport permit, driving license of the concerned school bus driver, fire extinguisher and first
aid box in the bus.
Further,   it   is   informed    that    the   schools,    especially  under   private managements are running school  busses/vehicles for transporting school children should obtain required documents like registration papers, fitness certificates, insurance papers,  transport  permit, driving  license of the  concerned   school bus driver, fire extinguisher and  first aid box in the bus  prior  to re-opening of schools
Further, all  the  Regional Joint   Directors  of School  Education and  District Educational Officers  in  the  State   are  requested  to  convene meeting   with  the respective  District Magistrate and  Collector,  Road Transport Officers and  all  the Private ManagementInstitutions for taking immediate steps  in the matter.
If   any   school   run   the   busses    /   vehicles   without   obtaining  required documents  and   if  such   busses    /   vehicles   ceased   by  the   R.T.A.  department recognition  of such  schools  will be withdrawn with immediate effect without any
prior notice.
The above instructions shall  be followed scrupulously and further necessary action / steps  shall be taken  in the matter.

Download...SE - Safety of the school children - Maintenance of buses by the Educational Institutions - Guidelines Issued 


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