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Friday, 20 April 2018

GNANA DHARA in Municipal Schools and other Interventions during Summer Vacation, Rc.11

Rc.No:11 Implementation of GNANA DHARA in Municipal Schools and other Interventions during Summer Vacation

Sub:     Municipal Administration Department -Implementation of GNANA DHARA in Municipal Schools and other Interventions during Summer Vacation-Circular instructions  - Issued.

Ref:     1.  Instructions of Hon'ble  Chief Minister during the District Collector's  conference dated: 19.01.2018.
2.   Lr.Roc.No.21/B/C&T/SCERT/2018    dated 06.04.2018   of the Commissioner of
School Education, AP.
3.  Meeting with SACs & Consultants at 0/o the DMA, AP dated 14.04.2018
4.   Review Meeting with SACs, ULB Coordinators,  District Consultants (Pre• Schools) at 0/o the DMA, AP,  Guntur dated 19.04.2018.

All the Commissioners of 59 ULBs where Municipal Educational Institutions exist are hereby informed that the Hon'ble  Chief Minister desired to improve the Educational standards of our
schools  and Andhra Pradesh should be amon  the top 3 performers in the Country in National
Assessments of Students Leaming Out comes by 2022.

2.Accordingly the Government -  School Education Department has designed a Remediation
Programme called "GNANA DHARA" which is to be implemented during summer vacation i.e.
01.05.2018 to 31.05.2018.   The concept note was also communicated to your office through mail.

3.It is also noticed that the School Education Department has constituted Summer Remediation
Teaching Centres at Residential schools, KGBVs,  Model Schools of different Managements. Out of
59 ULBs these centres are situated in 36 ULBs only and it is inconvenient to the students belong to other 23 ULBs to attend to summer camps arranged by School Education Department. It is further informed that in consultation with the Consultants, State Academic Coordinators, ULB Coordinators and Certain teachers it is decided to implement "GNANA DHARA" programme in Municipal Schools in a modified and focussed way.  Hence Non-residential programmes are designed.

4 In the above circumstances, all the Commissioners are requested to implement the following
Educational Activities in your ULB.

I) GNANA OHARA  -  VI  Class:   Residential Remedial Teaching  Programme for Low performers of present Vth class. These students are to be motivated and sent to Summer camps which are being organized by school Education Department. Identify the willing Teachers and depute them to the programme.
11)  GNANA DHARA - X class:  SMART
It's a Day school  Summer Remediation programme for the identified DI  & D2 students
(Single Star) of present IX class. This will be organized in the ULB in the identified school. III)      GNANA DHARA - X class: SPARK
It's  a Day school  Summer Reinforcement programme for the identified 3  Star students of
present IX class.  This will be organized in the ULB in the identified school.

5.Pre-Arrangements   to be made for SMART & SPARK Programmes:

•    Conduct HMs meeting to implement ofGNANA OHARA SMART & SPARK Programmes
Conduct SMC/Parents  meeting at school level,  to motivate to send their kids to GNANA DHAR.AProgramme
•    Identify  One or 2 centres based on number of High Schools/Students.
•    Identify the Best and Resourceful teachers to handle the subjects.
Instruct the Head Master of the identified school to provide good class rooms, staff room and other minimum facilities like drinking water, Toilets etc. during implementation of SMART & SPARK Programmes.
All the  subject teachers  identified   for the  centre  will  act  as convenors  and  it's  a joint responsibility  on them to run the programme successfully
•    Instruct the ULB  Coordinators (High Schools)  to  chalk out  a programme  of action and
Monitoring plan
If any student of present IX class opts to join in the Residential Remedial Teaching centre being organised by school  Education department allow him/her to attend the summer camp

6.        Advanced Foundation  Course  (AFC)
16 Advanced Foundation   Course Centres which are functioning in the state will also be continued  up to 24.05.2018.   Earned leave will be sanctioned proportionately as per Rules to all the teachers  working as Teaching Administrators and Regular teachers in the AFCs.

The following activities  are to be initiated at ULB level.

Plan for large number of admissions into Class I, Class VII/VIII in Municipal Schools.
Awareness generation  among Public on the strengths of Municipal Schools.
Plan for large number of admissions into Class I, Class
Organising SMC/Parents meeting before closure of schools for Summer vacation.
 Door to Door campaigning by utilizing In-school students
Convergence with  Woman & Child Welfare Department, MEPMA.
Enlisting  the 5+ children in the School catchment area.
Ensuring that all the UKG students of our Pre-Schools will be admitted in to Class 1   in
Municipal Primary/UP Schools.
Campaign  will be conducted from 23.04.2018   to  12.06.2018 with Pamphlets,  Broachers, Advertisements in print and electronic media.
No Admission boards" to be kept in front of the Schools after reaching optimum number of
Admissions  in all classes.
 At the same time no child should be denied from Admission as per RTE act 2009.

8.  It's  further informed that the ULB coordinators High Schools shall monitor the GNANA DHARA programme and the ULB Coordinators Primary shall organise the Enrolment Campaign. As these ULB Coordinators and Subject teachers working in GNANA DHARA, AFC, and Enrolment drive programmes during Summer vacation,  Earned Leave will be sanctioned proportionately as per Rules.

9.  It is also informed to all the Commissioners   of 59 ULBs and to all the RDMAs in the state that the services of the teachers  who are on deputation  as State Academic  Coordinators,   ULB Coordinators  and AFC Staff members will be taken continuously  during summer  vacation and hence they need not join in their Parent  School  on 23.04.2018.

10. All the Commissioners are requested to issue necessary instructions to the concerned and make the programme successful.



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