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Friday, 27 April 2018

CFMS Circuler 8- Extension of due date for presentation of pay bills/PD bill Submission process -Narration/1st payment of pension/CFMS login of each

CFMS Circuler 8- Extension of due date for presentation of pay bills/PD bill Submission process -Narration/1st payment of pension/CFMS login of each 
CFMS Circuler 8- Extension of due date for presentation of pay bills/PD bill Submission process -Narration/1st payment of pension/CFMS login of each

Extension of due date for presentation of pay bills

Most of the HODs have confirmed their Organisation Structure in Finance Department portal during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of April, 2018 and, that data is loade  into CFMS for generation of User Credentials. The credentials so created are communicated to the users for preferring bills in CFMS.
Keeping in view the progress in presentation of bills and the requests of various departments to extend the due date for presentation of PAY bills from 25th to 28th for the month of April, 2018, the DDOs are permitted to present their pay bills and salary related claims under Detailed head 020- Wages, 280-
Professional Services and 300 – Other Contractual Services upto 28th April, 2018. They are also permitted to present those bills from 02-05-2018 onwards instead of from 05-05-2018.

PD bill Submission process -Narration

PD Administrators shall configure the workflow by assigning roles of maker – checker (optional) -
authoriser to his/her users for conducting PD Account operations. Once workflow configuration is done,the maker is allowed to create PD disbursement bill / PD adjustment bill / PD Work’s bill. There is a provision for disbursement tracking. PD bill on its creation moves through the defined workflow and Authoriser shall submit the bill.
Once authorised, the PD bills of certain categories which do not require treasury scrutiny utomatically gets pushed directly to the payment .
In case of bills requiring treasury scrutiny, the bills flow into auditor login of respective treasury. The Treasury Office shall audit the PD bills as per guidelines and the bill flows through the defined workflow in CFMS. The bills ones passed by the Treasury will be pushed to payment process mechanism.
If the bill is rejected by treasury, it gets pushed back to PD Administrator’s login and the PD administrator shall make necessary corrections and resubmit the bill to the treasury.

1st payment of pension

An interface is in place to pull the bills pertaining to 1st payment of pension, Gratuity and CVP (of new pensioners) into CFMS and process them for audit and payment in CFMS. All Treasury Officers are required to fill in the data in Pension system and generate Treasury Bill Registers. Bills are automatically pulled by the CFMS system in a schedule of half an hour to one hour into Submitter login of respective Treasury Office. The Treasury Officer has to attach necessary documents like
certificate of non drawal of Anticipatory Pension and Gratuity and original GPOs/CVPs as passed by the treasury officer and submit the same to Treasury for audit and payment.
Detailed instructions on the process of returning original authorisations to AG/LF or any other procedure as required, will be issued by the competent authorities shortly

Life Time Arrears and Obsequies- Charges bills

Bill form for payment of Life time arrears and Obsequies charges in respect of deceased pensioners is enabled in CFMS under HR bills with title “Pensionery Charges” . All Treasury Officers can prepare bills in the said form and complete audit in CFMS. 

 Beneficiary Account Statement

A new service is provided in CFMS login of each employee to generate Beneficiary Account statement.
This statement shall provide the payments made to the payee (beneficiary) in a given period along with the status of transactions.  All the users can check their payments status using this service. They need not approach treasury or any other office for this purpose.

Bill Status

The users are provided with a service to track or know the status of a bill. This service is enabled in
“expenditure reports” option under “citizen services” link in All the users can make use of this facility to know the status of their bills



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