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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

CCRT-Centre for Culturl Resources and Training-in Puppetry in Education,Rc.160 ,Dt.29/1/18

CCRT-Centre for Culturl Resources and Training-in Puppetry in Education,Rc.160 ,Dt.29/1/18

CCRT-Centre for Culturl Resources and Training-in Puppetry in Education

Centre for Cultural Resources and Training- NEW DELHI

 Workshop on   “Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage”

The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, New Delhi organizes workshops on “Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage” to enable teachers from different regions to share knowledge of their culture with others and create a sense of appreciation for the diversity and richness of India's Cultural Heritage.
The Workshop concentrates on studying the role of schools in conservation of our natural and cultural heritage and involve students and teachers in such activities that may help them to serve the country. During the workshop the participants will also develop a practical plan of action that may inspire students to appreciate their natural and cultural heritage and feel as responsible citizens of India, to protect the environment.
The accelerated pace of development in our country has brought forth changes both in the physical environment and cultural patterns on an unprecedented scale. With the result, the familiar surroundings and the related cultural identities are being lost. It must be realized that what is lost today, due to ignorance, lack of awareness or concern or thoughtless planning can not be recovered, be it a plant species or an historical monument.
The teachers are invited in these workshops to take up the task of sensitizing school students to their role as future guardians of the rich natural and cultural resources of our country. The workshop is approximately of 10-11 days duration.

Objectives :
-           to study the role of schools in conservation of natural and cultural heritage,
-           to study simple techniques by which students can be involved in looking after historical monuments and other natural and cultural property of their region,
-           to develop a practical plan of action that may inspire students to appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of India and to be responsible citizens,
-           to provide an opportunity to teachers from various parts of the country to stay together and interact with each other and with local students, fostering a spirit of national integration,
-           to provide basic knowledge on Laws of Conservation.
The workshop consists of lectures, slide presentations, conservation activities, study of monuments and museums, group discussions, etc. There are sessions on preparation of educational aids and games, work-sheets and activity-sheets for protecting local natural and cultural heritage. Attempts will be made for inclusion of sessions on Impact of Globalisation, Media’s Role in Conservation, Teachers as Mentors, etc.

For “Hands-on” experience experts from Archaeological Survey of India, Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage, National Institute of Museology and Conservation, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, National Mission on Manuscripts will be invited. Documentation of some excavation work will be done for teachers to get practical experience in the field.
A few CCRT Educational Publications with Audio-CD’s are gifted to the school through participating teacher after successful completion of the said Workshop.

The following points may please be noted while deputing the teachers for the Workshop on “Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage”

1. The deputed teachers should be upto 52 years of age.  (It is essential to give proof of Date of Birth at the time of Registration.)

2. The Workshop is for in-service Govt./Govt. aided school teachers teaching classes VI to XII and subjects like Languages, History, Geography, Civics, Sociology, Economics, Commerce, Mathematics, Science, Music and not Physical Education, Drawing, Arts, SUPW/WE, Painting, Craft etc. 

3. Headmaster/Headmistress and Principal of school should not be deputed for participation in the Workshop.

4. Those teachers who have already attended Workshop on “Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage” organized by the CCRT as per your record should not be deputed again for the same Workshop.

5. No Contractual or Temporary Teachers like Shiksha-Karmi, Shiksha-Bandhu, Shiksha-Mitra, Education Friend, Teacher Facilitator, Sanvidha Shikshak, etc. should be deputed.

6. The lectures will be delivered in English for the benefit of the teachers participating from all parts of the country.  Therefore, an understanding and working knowledge of English is essential.

7. As the working hours will be long and the workshop will be held in a camp atmosphere, teachers should be in good health.

8. Only one teacher should be deputed for participation from one school at a time for the Workshop.

9. The deputed teachers may be asked not to bring any escort/family member with them under any circumstance.

10. Your deputation order will be treated as a final order and the CCRT will not issue any selection letter to individuals.

11. For correspondence with the CCRT our letter reference number and date must be quoted.

For registration on the first day of the Workshop and for payment of TA/DA on the last day of the Workshop, the deputed teachers must bring the following certificates on separate sheets of paper:-
(i) Date of Birth Certificate
(ii) Relieving Certificate from the School
(iii) Basic Pay Certificate
(iv) Two passport size photographs
(v) Tickets/Ticket Nos. (Original of the onward journey performed and photocopy of the return journey).  To and fro tickets of the entitled class and by shortest route should be purchased for the journey.

As this will be a good opportunity for deputed teachers from different States/UTs to stay together, interact with each other and share a common platform, the deputed teachers may be asked to bring the text books of the subjects which they teach along with the books prescribed in social sciences in their State/UT.

The participating teachers will also be given an opportunity to present their regional cultural programme, hence the deputed teachers may also be requested to bring costumes, repertoire of folk songs, dances and other important items of cultural value which they would like to share with their colleagues from other States/UT’s during the Workshop.

Since it is difficult to get the confirmed return reservation in a short time, we would like to suggest that the deputed teachers make their “return reservation” from their headquarters beforehand.

Traveling Allowance:

1. The teacher participants of a Training Programme are entitled to travel by AC 3-tier/ AC Chair Car/ Sleeper class of all the trains, as the case may be, from their nearest railway station to the venue of the programme, by the shortest route.

2. Those who travel by bus from outstation are entitled to claim deluxe bus fare subject to the production of bus ticket failing which the fare will be restricted to ordinary bus fare. The teachers who are employed on contract basis will be reimbursed only ordinary bus fare. Teachers are required not to travel by AC buses.

3. For local road journey i.e. from school to Railway Station/ Bus Stand, the reimbursement will be made as actual distance or upto 8 Km whichever is less   @ Rs. 8/- per km.

4. For local road journey from the nearest Railway Station/ Bus Stand to the venue of the training programme, the teachers will be paid Auto/ Bus fare as per Centre’s rule.

Please note that the Rail/Bus fare will be reimbursed by the CCRT if original/ photocopies of the tickets are attached to the T.A. Bills for inward as well as outward journey failing which the claim will be restricted to rail fare by sleeper class.  There is no provision for Air Fare/Tatkal/Flexi Fare and even if the teacher travel by any of these mode, their claim will be restricted to rail fare as per their entitlement i.e. AC-3tier/AC Chair Car/Sleeper Class as the case may be on production of original/photocopies of the journey tickets.

No break in journey is permissible as per rules. Teachers are requested to buy direct journey ticket from their nearest Railway Station to the venue of the programme.

Dearness Allowance

The teacher participants will be paid Dearness Allowance for attending the programme based on the Vth Central pay Commission.

As the CCRT will be providing free lodging and boarding facilities mandatorily to all the participants, hence they will be given 25% of the rate of entitled Dearness Allowance.

The TA & DA will be transferred to the bank account through RTGS hence correct account details should be provided to the Account Section at CCRT.

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