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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Implementation of Quality initiatives - ALA ( Ananda Lahar Abhyasana) programme- certain guidelines

Sub:School Education- SCERT- implementation of Quality initiatives - ALA ( Ananda Lahar Abhyasana) programme- certain guidelines
Ref: Conference Calls with all Districts in the State.
All the District Educational Officers are hereby informed that SCERT has
conducted review on implementation of ALA programme in 1347 schools in 13
districts through telephone conferences on different dates in January and February
Members from SCERT, SSA, RiVER and TIDE had participated in the call
conferences. The review points are brought to your notice below.
1. 90% of the schools are onboarded in the ALA dashboard
2. 75 % of the schools are implementing ALA programme effectively
3.ALA workbooks have reached all ALA schools and are in use
4. TAB challanges are been resolved by TIDE tech team
5. Certain ALA schools are suffering from shortage of staff
6. Certain ALA schools are suffering from shortage of rooms
7. Certain ALA schools require 3rd post due to increase of strength post
introduction of ALA
8. ALA teachers, MCs are expecting more support from MEOs
9. Movement of students in milestones in all subjects is satisfactory
10.Over all maintenance of CMD, activity based learning is satisfactory.
In view of the above review. all the DistrictEducational Officers are
requested to follow the below given guidelines
1. Avoid assigning duties like SSC/Intermediate invigilation, spot valuation or any
other programmes to ALA school teachers.
2. Avoid deputing ALA teachers to Non- ALA schools
3. Provide substitute teachers to ALA schools if any vacancy arises by way of
4. Instruct M.E.Os to visit ALA Schools twice in a month and submit progress of
5. Unused SIM cards/ SIM cards which are not working due to network issues
6. AMOs may send the returned SIMs to SCERT to avoid payment of bills for
transfer/leave/retirement by adjusting from the neighboring schools or any other
alternate arrangement
milestones of students regularly.
(supplied by SCERT) should be returned to AMO SSA, and the teachers may
procure SIM cards of suitable network from the available school grants.
unused SIMs
File N°,ESE02-22/4/2019-SCERT
7. AMOs along with Master Coaches are requested to conduct Telephone
conferences with ALA school teachers periodically to give necessary academic
support to ALA teachers.
Hence all the District Educational Officers are requested to follow the above
guidelines scrupulously for effective implenmentation of ALA programme.


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