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Saturday, 10 November 2018

SSC Public Examination March 2019 - Online application to be hosted in the the DGE's site -certain instructions issued -regarding, Lr Rc.30

SSC Public Examination March 2019 - Online application to be hosted in the the DGE's site -certain instructions issued -regarding ,Lr Rc.30

SSC Public Examination March 2019 - Online application to be hosted in the the DGE's site -certain instructions issued -regarding

Sub:-   SSC Public   Examinations   March 2019-    Online  application    to be hosted  in the DGE's  site-  Certain  instructions  issued   - regarding.

Ref:-  Video  conference  conducted  on 09.11.2018.

In reiteration   of  the  instructions     issued   in  the   video  conference   cited   I  am to inform  you  that  the  Child  info  data  will  be  hosted  in  the  website     by
12.11.2018.        ln  this   context   I  further   inform  you  that  the  following    is   the  important
information  for editing   the NR data of the respective  schools   by the HMs.

1.    The  Head  Masters  have to follow  the user guide  to know  the procedure  to be followed   to edit the information.
2.   The   data    will   be   in    the   MNR    format.    However    the    preparation     of
Manuscript   Nominal   Roll is dispensed   with from this year onwards.
3.     Head  Master  instructions  are already   hosted on the website
4.    Edit option   is  available   for all fields  except  Child  ID  and Aadhar  number.
5.   The fields  have to be edited with  reference  to the admission   register.
6.    After  editing   is  over the  HM can download   the NR and he can download  it  for any number  of times whenever  he makes a correction.
7.    The downloaded   document  will   be mentioned    as version    I,   version   2,  version
3 and this downloading  is  allowed  till  the last  date.
8.   Once  it  is  freezed  downloading   cannot  be made.
9.    After  the final  downloading   of NR the  Head  Master  concerned   has to put his signature    and   get   it   countersigned      by   the   Deputy   Educational     Officer concerned.
10.  In  respect  of  private   managements   the  site   will    be opened   for  editing  only
after  the  DyEO  concerned   clears   the  school   after  due  verification   regarding the recognition    and additional    sections.
11.    The HM's  of all Government   management  schools   and private  schools  have to submit   the countersigned    copy of NR  along   with  challan,   figure  statement  to the   DyEO   concerned    and   the   DyEO   inturn    submit    them   to   the   DEO concerned.
1.2.  The  DEO  is  permitted  to condone  the age  up to One and Half  Year in  respect
of students  of private  management  as per the orders  in  vogue.
13.  From  the previous   experience   it is  understood    that proper  editing   is  not being made  and  it  is  leading    to  so  many  corrections    in  the  SSC.  To  avoid   the recurrence  proper  editing  shall be there and all fields   are editable   except  Child ID and Aadhar.
14.  In respect  of  Once  failed   candidates   the  ENR  will   be hosted  on  the  website
along  with  the application    as was done in the  past.
15.   In view   of the above,  the  DyEOs  are being   given   one  week  time  for clearing the  schools   under  private  managements    and  to  countersign   the  downloaded NR copies   of all  the schools   in  the division.
16.   The revised   Due dates will  be put in the Whatsapp  group on Monday.

There  is  one  Whatsapp  group  SSC  2019  and  the  following  will  be included   to  raise  the  grievances    and  for  their  clarifications.    The  CSE,   DGE, Deputy   Commissioner    for  Government   Examinations,    all  the  RJDSEs,   all   the DEOs,   all   the  DyEOs,    all  the   ACGEs,   all   the  DCEBs   secretaries,     IT  cell representatives,    processing  agency  representatives   and all the concerned  from the DGE's   office.  This  will  come  into  operation  for all from  14.11.2018     onwards.   I request you to furnish the phone numbers of DyEOs and DCEB secretaries  by tonight/Monday   for adding  there numbers  to the whatsapp  group.

Download...copy- Online application to be hosted in the the DGE's site -certain instructions issued -regarding 

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