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Monday, 5 November 2018

Revised Consolidated Unit Cost - RMSA - Organization of District Level Inservice Teacher Training Programme-Objectives, Unit cost, shedule spell wise and subjects wise,Rc.451,Dt.5/11/18

RMSA - Organization of District Level Inservice Teacher Training Programme-Objectives, Unit cost, shedule spell wise and subjects wise,Rc.451,Dt.5/11/18

RMSA - Organization of District Level Inservice Teacher Training Programme-Objectives, Unit cost, shedule spell wise and subjects wise,Rc.

All the DEO's in the State are informed it is decided to organize District  level in-service teacher trainings of RMSA 2017-18 in two spells at divisional level in non-residential mode.
1) Spell -1:- from 9.11.18 to
13.11.18 (5days) for Telugu,Hindi, English & HM's.
2) Spell-2: 15.11.18 to 19.11.18 for Maths, P. S, B. S, and Social studies. Guidelines and unit cost are sent through email.                  
3) The DEOs are requested to make all necessary arrangements ie identification of good venues with all amenities like fans,drinking water, Guest lecture,LCD projector, for smooth conduct of trainings.
4) State level observers are appointed and will stay at districts during the trainings.
5) Please ensure that 40 % women teachers must be trained.
6) Teachers who are going to retired in 2019 -2020,and suffering with severe health problems, teachers recruited prior to 2009 may be considered for exemption.
7) Please arrange biometric machines in all venues and obtain attendance twice once at 9.30 am and once at 5.00 pm.
8) RJDs are requested to visit all the trainings  and moniter the trainings for effective conduct of training.

I hope that all DEOs will made all necessary measures to conduct all in smooth and befitting manner.

Regards Director SCERT

SUB: SCERT - AP - Organization of District Level Inservice Teacher Training Programme - District Level From 09.11.2018 to 13.11.2018 - From 15.11.2018 to 19.11.2018

Read:-   l.Procds    Rc.No.5101/A    WP&B/Trgs/RMSA/2017-2.       Dated:22-03-2018      of the  Commissioner   of School  Education,  A.P.,   Amaravati.
2.Procds   Rc.No.451/B/C&T/SCERT/2017        Dated:04-10-2018       of the
Director,   SCERT,  A.P.,   Amaravati.
3.Note   orders   of the  Commissioner    of School  Education,   AP,  Amaravati dated  30-10-2018.
All the Regional   Joint  Director  of School   Education   and District   Educational   Officers  & Ex-Officio  Project  Coordinators   of RMSA  in the State  are informed  that  it  is decided  to conduct the  Inservice   Teacher   Trainings   for  the  year  2017-18   in Non-Residential     mode  at  Divisional Level  in  two spells  i.e.   from  09-11-2018     to  13-11-2018      (5  days)  spell -1   for languages  (Telugu, Hindi,   English)   & Head  Masters  and  from  15-11-2018        to  19-11-2018       (5 days)  spell-2  for Non Languages  (Mathematics,   Physical   Science,   Biological  Science  & Social  Sciences).

In  view   of  the  above   the  Regional   Joint   Directors   of  School   Education   and  District Educational   Officers   are  requested   to  organise  the  District  Level  In-service   Teacher  Training Programme  2017-18    at Divisional   Level  through  identified  DRPs  who  are trained  at State Level ToT  and further  requested   to utilise   the  services  of SRPs  wherever  necessary.     The  Objectives and Guidelines,   Revised   schedule,   District   wise  allotment  of participants   and  revised  Unit  Cost are shown in the Annexure-I,   II, III & IV.

Therefore   the  Regional    Joint  Director   of  School   Education   and    District    Educational Officers  and  Ex-Officio   Project  Coordinator    RMSA  of all Districts   in the  state  are requested  to organise   District    Level   Inservice    Teacher   Training   Programme   2017-18    at  Divisional     Level from  09-11-2018     to  13-11-2018        (5  days)  spell-I    and  from  15-11-2018      to  19-11-2018(5      days) spell-2.

In this  regard  the  District   Educational    Officers  in  the  State    are  requested   to  utilise   the budget   which  was  already   released   and  submit   the  expenditure   details   along   with  unspent balance   within   10 days  soon  after  completion   of  the  In-service   Teacher   Training  programme

District Level  Inservice  Teacher Training Programme (RMSA) 2017-18


•!•  To provide capacity building for 9907 Language and Social Studies Teachers including
High School  Head Masters.

•!•    To provide Capacity building for 447 5 Mathematics Teachers and 3 041 Science

•!•   To provide content enrichment in Languages and Non-languages  Subjects.

•!•   To provide knowledge of proper utilisation  ofICT,  Digital  Content, Q.R.Codes on Text
Books on live platform in teaching learning process.

•!•    To enhance Laboratory Material and Teaching Learning Material Development  Skills and utilisation techniques.

•!•   To orient on conduct of subject specific project works by the students in respective schools.

Guidelines to the DEOs for effective conduct of Inservice TeacherTraining- 2017-18:

Inservice  Teacher Training Programme should be conducted in Non-Residential  Mode at divisional  level only.

•    Training Programme will be conducted in two spells at Divisional  Level

l"  spell  from  09-11-2018      to  13-11-2018    (05  days)   for  Languages  (Telugu,   Hindi, English) and Head Masters.

211d    spell  from  15-11-2018     to  19-11-2018    (05 days) for Non-Languages  (Mathematics, Physical  Science, Biological  Science & Social  Sciences)

•    The Deputy Educational  Officer of the concerned division  may be appointed as Course
Coordinator to the Inservice Teacher Training Programme.

•    There is no provision of DA to the participants as per the PAB approved by MHRD

•    TA (actual) will be provided for 05 days to the participants

•    Working Lunch, Tea, Snacks (two times) will be provided at the venue itself.

While  selecting  venues  at  Divisional   Level   ensure  proper  facilities   like  ventilation, electrification,  fans, infrastructure, sanitation,  class  rooms,  Seminar Halls etc.

•    Provide  mineral water for drinking  in all venues regularly.

•    L.C.D. projector & Public addressing  system should  be provided in all venues.

Course Coordinator  will coordinate with  DRPs  and closely monitor  for  smooth and effective conduct of Training Programme.
Biometric  attendance for DRPs and participants should  be taken for two times  in every da

•    Commissioner    of School  Education,    Director,  RMSA,   Director,   SCERT,   RJD  SEs State
Observers  will visit  the training   centres  and review  the programme.

•    Propagate  the training  programme  well in advance  in local  media.

Give  top priority  to the teachers  who are transferred  from Upper  Primary  Schools   to High Schools  recently  and who got promotion  and recruitment  after 2009 to attend  the training programme.

•    Ensure that 40% of participants   should be female  teachers.

The  Modules  of all subjects  and Head  Masters,  are already  despatched   to all districts  in the state.

The Budget  for District   Level  Teacher  Training  was already  released  to all the Districts  in the State.

Revised   Unit  cost for District   Level  Teacher  Training  to be conducted  at Divisional    Level in Non Residential   mode  is enclosed  in  annexure-IV.
•    Inaugural  and valedictory   functions  are not mandatory.
•    Do not allow  any other persons   to give  any message/Propaganda    of private  affairs.
Instruct  the  Course   Coordinator   and  DRPs  to  organise   trainings   properly   and  strictly adhering  to the time  table.
•     Financial  norms  as specified   in the revised  unit  cost  should   be scrupulously   followed.

•    Conduct  planning   meeting  with   Course  Coordinators   and  DRPs  on  08-11-2018 for  t"
spell and 14-11-2018 for 2nd spell at Divisional    Level

Download....old NORMS /old unit cost proceedings copy

District Level In service Teacher Training -2017-18-Revised Consolidated Unit Cost (Annexures- IV(a), IV (b) & IV(c)-reg

Download...Revised Norms  /  Revised Unit cost copy


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