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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Powerboat Racing in Amaravati from 16" tc 18th of November, 2018- Orders of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to organise related Competitions in the Schools and Pring the Selected Winners and other students

Powerboat   Racing  in Amaravati   from  16" tc  18th  of November,  2018-  Orders of the Hon'ble  Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to organise related Competitions in the Schools and Pring the Selected Winners and other students to participate  in event a1  d Photo Shoot with the teams - Regarding.

Read:   1.    Lr.No APTA-14021/80/2018-MBGR-     RMH-APTA    Dater
05-10- 2018 from the CEO, A.P.  Tourism Authority.
2. Letter No.  5/0SD/PMU/2018,  Dated 12-11-2018 from the Secretary
(T&C),  YAT & C(PMU) Dept.,  A.P .

All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that i      the ref.

1st cited wherein it was informed that YAT & C (PMU) Department is orgar sing the F1H20 Powerboat Racing in Amaravati form 16th November to 18th Noven ber 2018, at Krishna River, Vijayawada.  In the ref. 2nd cited,  the Government of And  ra
Pradesh YAT & C (PMU) Department directed to organise the related  Com oetitions  in

the Schools and to bring the selected winners  and other students to partici  ate in the event and photo shoot with the teams.
The UIM F1 H20 World Championship is the World's foremost inter,  ational series of single seated inshore circuit powerboat racing which is highly con petitive, intensely challenging,  and entertaining inshore circuit powerboat racing is t  e ultimate  adrenalin rush and regarded as one the most spectacular and exci ing sports in the world.
Further it is informed that the Hon'ble  Chief Minister desires to watch the School students an international  event. because most of the lnternationat t  ams will be participating.

The School Games Federation of Andhra Pradesh conducted the n lated events like Swimming,  Diving, and Water polo at District level and selected :he players for State Level. Therefore, it is proposed to arrange for the partlclp:   ion of the State Level players in the above events for watching and photo shoot w  h the teams at F1H20  Powerboat Racing in Amaravati from 16tn November to 18 n November, 2018 on the dates mentioned against the district.



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