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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Furnishing of Information of all Bank Accounts of various agencies and Government Departments – Uploading the same in CFMS Portal,GO.112,Dt.24/7/18

Furnishing of Information of all Bank Accounts of various agencies and Government Departments – Uploading the same in CFMS Portal – Instructions – Issued.G.O.MS.No. 112 Dated: 24-07-2018
 FINANCE (HR.V-TFR, EWF) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 112 Dated: 24-07-2018 Read the following: 1. G.O.Ms.No.94, Finance (TFR) Department, dt.06.05.2014. 2. G.O.Ms.No.196,Finance (CM) Department, dt.14.10.2016.
Furnishing of Information of all Bank Accounts of various agencies and Government Departments – Uploading the same in CFMS Portal

O R D E R: 

  1. 1. In the reference 1st read above, Government issued orders for furnishing of information about bank balances – Saving/Current/Fixed deposits - with Departments/Corporations/Institutions lying outside the Government treasury.
  2.  2. However, it is observed that certain departments are keeping unutilized funds of several schemes in Bank Accounts outside the Government treasury without obtaining prior permission from the Government and also opening new accounts outside treasury control without Government permission. 
  3. 3. The Government intends to review and consolidate the information on the list of all Government Accounts maintained in various banks. In this regard all Managing Directors/ViceChancellors/Collectors/HODs/DDOs/Finance Officers/Accounts Officers of all Departments/Institutions/Corporations are requested to furnish the information of all the existing Savings/Current/Fixed deposit accounts in the prescribed format by 03.08.2018 in CFMS portal by clicking on Bank Account Information in The amounts relating to the earnings/profits/Endowed funds/deposits for pensions and gratuity /all monies operated by the institutions must be entered in the database. 
  4. 4. After uploading the information in CFMS portal, the DDOs/Accounts Officers of all Departments/Institutions/Corporations shall have to certify that they are not maintaining any accounts other than those which are uploaded in CFMS portal. The Heads of Departments concerned must ensure that the information uploaded is correct and updated and a confirmation has to be given in CFMS by 03.08.2018. 
  5. 5. Non-furnishing of all information on all Bank Accounts or keeping public money in accounts other than those uploaded in CFMS portal by 03.08.2018 will be treated as mis-appropriation of Government funds, which is a serious offence and action will be initiated in all such cases accordingly.It is reiterated that the accounts which are uploaded in CFMS portal on or before 03.08.2018 will be considered as authorized government accounts and all the Government Officials shall ensurereleasing Government Funds to these notified accounts only. 
  6. 6. Any further opening of new account either Savings/Current/Fixed by the Departments/Institutions/Corporations will require prior permission of Government. Not furnishing the details of the bank accounts or opening of any bank account without prior permission of Government will attract disciplinary action on the concerned departmental Official under Rule 9 of A.P.C.S. (CCA) Rules, 1991 which can even lead to dismissal from service. (BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF GOVERNOR OF ANDHRA PARDESH)



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