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Friday, 27 July 2018

Chief Minister's Awards - AP State C.M Awards for excellence in public administration from the year 2017-18 -Detailed guidelines-Categories for awards,shedule

Chief Minister's Awards - AP State C.M Awards for excellence in public administration from the year 2017-18  -Detailed  guidelines-Categories for awards,shedule

Circular  Memo.   No.  46026/3/AR/2018                                               Dated:21-06-2018.
Sub:  - Chief Minister's Awards -  C.M.   Awards for excellence in public administration     from the year  2017-18  -Detailed  guidelines issued-Reg.
Ref: -   G.O.Ms.No.3,      G.A.  (AR&T.I)   Dept., dated: 04.01.2018.

Chief Minister's Awards - AP State C.M Awards for excellence in public administration from the year 2017-18  -Detailed  guidelines-Categories for awards,shedule

The  attention  of   all    the   Special   Chief  Secretaries,    Principal    Secretaries, Secretaries,   HoDs    and   District Collectors are   invited   to the  reference  cited wherein Government have decided to institute  Chief Minister's  Awards for excellence in public administration from the year 2017-18 to acknowledge,   recognize  and reward the extraordinary and innovative  work done  in implementation    of Government programmes by   the   Districts,     Organisations,     Teams,     and   Individuals working   in   the   State Government.
2.In this connection    an  online portal     has  been developed  for the receipt of the  applications   and subsequent   evaluation and processing of the same by
various Authorities   I Committees.
The  C.M.  Awards will be given  in  two categories:
I) Awards   to the  Districts    which  have  excelled  in priority  programmes   of the Government.
II) Awards for innovations  I excellence   in  public   administration   to the Individuals,  rganisations    and Teams working  in the State Government.
3.Since the  awards to be given  (this  time) are for the year 2017-18,    achievements, innovations, work done,  etc.  from 1~t    April  2017 to 31st  March 2018 will  be taken into cognizance for finalisation   of the awards.

4. The awards  will  be presented  by the Hon'ble  Chief  Minister  on Independence Day (15th  August) every year.

5. i)  The   award  under   Category I  will be  given   (for the year  2017-18) for  the extraordinary    and    innovative    work   done   by  the    Districts  in   the  following   priority Government  programmes:

a)   Open Defecation  Free Status b)   Housing   for all

i)     Rural  Housing ii)   Urban   Housing

c)   Public Grievance   Redressal d)  e-Governance

e)  Education  for all

f)   Health  for all

ii)  Respective  HoDs after first login  are required  to set the standard,   objective and measurable key performance parameters  on which the above programmes will be evaluated.   All  HoDs will  be provided with  the login   ID & password by GAD.

iii)  HoDs  should   also   publicise    the   parameters  widely   so  as  to  enable  the applicants   to know the parameters   at t-h.e time of applying.

iv)  However,    even   if  the  parameters     are  not  fixed,  the   applicant   will   be  able  to apply if  he/she  so desires.

v)   For Category  I    awards  District    Collectors   are required   to apply  on behalf  of the district,    if eligible.    by clicking    Category  I    after  login   to the  portal.  Login  ID & password  to the  District   Collectors    will  be provided  by the GAD.

vi)  One district   may apply for as many programmes   as eligible.

vii) There  is  one   award    for  each  of the  above   priority   programmes   which  will  be given  to the best performing  District   in that programme.

viii)   The   District   Collectors    should   fill  the  online   application    stating   about  their achievements     in  the programme     along with  relevant  supporting   enclosures   and the same   should   be submitted  to the respective  Head of the Department.

ix) HoD's  will  evaluate  the  applications     on  the  scale  of  10 points  for  each  of the parameters  and finalise   the award.

x)   After finalisation     HoDs should   forward  the details   of the selected  awardee  to the

Department    Level   Committee.

6.   i)   The  award  under    Category    II consisting   of 25  awards per year will  be given for the innovations   I excellence  in  public  administration   to:

a) Govt. Functionaries    - Individual
 b)  Govt  Functionaries  - Team
c) Organisation  I Institution   under the State Government

ii)    For  ease of evaluation  process,  HoDs should  divide  various functionaries working  in their  department  in  few broad groups.  Following are the indicative groups     of  the  functionaries    (However,    HODs  may  decide  to  form  a maximum  of 5 groups  differently  also,   if deemed appropriate):

a) Office Functionaries b) Field   Functionaries c) Supervisory  officers d) Any other

iii)    Thereafter  HoDs are  required to set the standard,  objective and measurable key performance parameters group  wise on  which Category II  applications will  be evaluated.    HoDs should   also give  wide publicity to the group wise parameters fixed,   so that the applicants  are aware of the parameters while applying.

iv)    However,  even  if the parameters  are not fixed,  the applicant  will be able to apply  if he/she so desires.
v)    Category  II  applicants   may  apply   on      portal  and register  with  his/her  Aadhaar  No. Applicant will  receive  login details through SMS/Email  after successful   registration.   If the applicant is a regular Government employee and  unable to fetch the data with  his/her Aadhar No., he/she  is  requested  to first  register with Aadhar No. under CFMS and then apply for the award.

vi)  There may be  some employees  working under various Autonomous bodies like   Universities/Corporations/Societies      etc.,   which  may  be  outside  the purview  of CFMS,  if they want to apply for Category II     awards they need to register  themselves   separately  as provided in the registration  page of the web  portal.

vii)      After  successful    registration,    the  applicant    should   login   and  fill the required particulars  of the application   form  along with  relevant  supporting   enclosures. After that  applicant   should  submit   the application    through  online   portal  to the concerned  District Collector.
viii) The   applicants    belonging      to   Autonomous     bodies/Universities/Societies/ Corporations    should   submit the application    to HoD concerned  directly.

ix)   The  applicants    working    in the  office  of the  HoDs  should   also   submit  their applications    directly  to the concerned  HoD.

x)    The   applicants  working    in  the  Secretariat   Departments   should  submit  their applications     directly  to the concerned    Departmental    Secretaries.

xi)   For  Screening   of  the  Cat  II      applicants     of  their   district   &  forwarding   the eligible   applicants    to the concerned    HoD,   Collectors  are required  to click on Cat II  in their  Login.

xii)      The  Collector    with  the  help   of  concerned   Departmental    District   Head  is responsible    for  verifying    and  approving  the  facts  stated  in the  application and then  forwarding    the application    to the HoD concerned.

xiii)     HoDs  should  evaluate   the  applications    on the scale  of 1 O   points   on each of the  prefixed   parameters.

xiv) •      Besides   applications    forwarded    by   District   Collectors,    HoDs   may   also nominate   any  other   Individual,      Team,    Organisation    or  Institution   working under his/her   control,   if HoD feels appropriate.

xv)  HoDs  will   forward a maximum    of three  applications   only  to the  respective

Departmental  Screening    Committee  after evaluation.

xvi)     Besides     the   applications       forwarded    by   HoDs,    Departmental    Screening Committee    [as  specified  in G.O.Ms.    No. 3 G.A.   (AR  & T) Dept.   Dt. 4.1.2018] may  also  nominate   any  other  Individual,  Team,  Organisation    or  Institution working   in  the Department,    if the Committee  feels  appropriate.

xvii)   Departmental     Screening    Committee    will   evaluate    the   applications     and recommend   a  maximum   of three  applications     only  to  the  State  Screening Committee,

xviii)   The  State  Screening  Committee    [as specified  in G.O.Ms.    No.  3 G.A.   (AR & T)  Dept. Dt.  4.1.2018]      will  finally   select  25 applicants  for category  II awards.

7.         Department   screening    Committee   [as  specified    in G.0.Ms.     No. 3 G.A.  (AR  & T) Dept.  Dt. 4.1.2018]      shall  be constituted   by concerned  Department.    State  level  Screening Committee   [as  specified    in   G.O.Ms.No.3     GA   (AR)   Dept.,    Dt  04.01.2018]      shall   be constituted  by GAD.

8.The following   time  schedule  shall   be strictly  followed   at various  levels for receipt, evaluation    and   processing    of   Chief   Minister's      Awards    for   excellence    in    public administration    for the year 2017-18:

  • Fixing of the  parameters  for  evaluation  by HoDs and Registration    & Submission   of Applications for C.M.Awards for Categories  I   & 11 is 22nd June  to 19th July    2018
  • Processing  at District   Level 20th   July   to 24th July 2018
  • Processing  at HOD   Level 25th July to 29th  July  2018
  • Processing  at Department Level Committee 30th July to 3rd August  2018
  • Processing  at State Level  Committee 4th  August   to 8th August  2018
  • Final  processing of Awards, approval  by C.M.  and Intimations to Awardees 9th August to 13th  August 2018
  • Presentation Awards 15th August 2018

9.   After final   selection  of Awards by the State Level  Committee,  Prl. Secretary GAD (incharge  of  awards  subject)   should   generate   final   reports  regarding   the  selected awardees and seek timely approval  of Honb'le  C.M.    He  should also arrange for printing of the certificates in the prescribed   format,  procurement   of Mementos  and make other required arrangements.

10.       An  applicant   will   receive SMS/Email   if  he/she is selected  for the Award.   No communication will be sent to the applicant if he/she is not selected.

Phone Nos.



12.     All the Special Chief   Secretaries,   Principal Secretaries,   Secretaries,  HoDs and District Collectors are requested to give  wide publicity  to the above guidelines so as to enable   the   eligible    applicants    to   apply  for   the   awards   on   the   online   portal      They   are   also   requested  to  follow   the   above  guidelines scrupulously.

CM Awards webportal

Download....Proceedings and Guidelines copy


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