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రాష్ట్ర వ్యాప్తంగా అన్ని జిల్లాలలో ఉన్నతీకరణ కానున్న భాషా పండితుల, వ్యాయామ ఉపాధ్యాయుల జాబితా

రాష్ట్ర వ్యాప్తంగా అన్ని జిల్లాలలో ఉన్నతీకరణ కానున్న భాషా పండితుల, వ్యాయామ
ఉపాధ్యాయుల జాబితా

Second Phase LP PETs Upgradation Proposals
Sub:- School Education - Proposals for up-gradolion of LPs / PETs (2nd Phase) posts in the Districts -Note for favour of kind approval to submit the proposals to the Government - Proposals submitted -Regarding.
1. GO No.144. Finance (HR.II) Dept. dated 02.08.2016.
2. Govt. Memo No.10093/Ser.11/A.1/2012, dated: 25.10.2016.
3. CSE Proc.Rc.No.882/(D1-4)Est1.1V/2011-2, D1:12.12.2016.
4. CSE Proc.Rc.No.882/(D1-4)BILIV/2011-1, DI:11.01.2017.
5. CSE Proc.Rc.No.882/(D1.4)Estt,IV/2011, Dt:20.01.2017.
6. Representations received from certain Teachers' Associations. etc..

Lr.  Rc.No,882/(DI4TEsti.IV/2011, Dated: 17/07/2018 Proposals for UP gradation of LPs PETs Second Phase District Wise Posts Details - Proposals for approval to Government. 

I wish to submit that. in the reference 11th cited, the PS to Hon'ble Minister for (HRD). Govt. of AP through mail has communicated the issues related to Education Department and 26th point of the agenda is up-gradation of Language Pandits and PETS. upgradation of LPs PETs is also one of the demand of FAPTO.
Further. I submit that the Government have issued orders according sanction for upgradtion of 1500 Language Pandits posts as School Assistant (Languages) and 500 PET posts as School Assistant (Physical Education) in Success Schools in the combined State by suppressing 102 Secondary Grade Teachers posts vide G.O.Ms.No.80 Finance (SMPC) Department dated 103.2009.
Further, I submit that Government have issued orders according sanction for upgradtion of 1450 Language Pandits posts GNI as School Assistant (Languages) and 1200 PET posts as School Assistant (Physical Education) vide GO Ms No.144 Finance (HR,111) Department dated 02.08_2016.
After the upgradation of Language Pundits and PETs, the following post are remaining for up gradation as per the information submitted by the District Educational Officers In the State.

Further, I submit that there is dire need of up-gradation of Language Pandits (Grade-11) Posts and PETs In High Schools as School Assistant (Languages)/School Assistant (Physical Education) due to the following reasons.
1 The language pundits Grade- II are working in both UP Schools and High Schools and PETs in High Schools.
2 As per Service Rules the qualifications required for the posts of School Assistants (Languages) and Language Pandts are same.
3. The scale of pay of School Assistant is Rs.28940-78910. The Scale of Pay of Language Pandit Grade-II is 21230-63010.
The Language Pandits requested to upgrade the Language Pandit posts to that of School Assistants (Languages) for parity with the other subject teachers working in the High Schools.
As per RTE norms the staff pattern of all the High Schools shall have School Assistants. • By virtue of working in High Schools the LPs /PETS will be automatically become SAs. There by the LPs / PETs will no more in existence.
Since the qualifications in LPs Grade - II and School Assistant Language are one and the same. the l.Ps will have parity on par with The SAs (Languages).
Thereby it contributes for quality improvement. The upgraded posts will be allocated to the School/High schools as per their request/roll
Further, I submit that the details of Language Pandits subject wise and PETs (In Upper Primary & High schools) to be upgraded district wise in the State are submitted here under


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