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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Gnanadhaara programme details - time table- baseline,end line test details-Administrative guidelines - Roles and responsibilities


Gnanadhaara programme details - time table- baseline,end line test details-Administrative guidelines - Roles and responsibilities, RC.No.21/B/C&T/2018 , Dt: 18.05.2018

Programme   Details:

1.    Gnana Dhaara Programme will start on 28.05.2018  and closes on 09.06.2018 in all the Gnana Dhaara Venues
2.   Every day the activities begin at 6.00  am with Yoga/Physical Literacy activities
(see  the P.ET  contents designed for Gnana Dhaara)

3.   Classes will be conducted  in  both shifts i.e  from 08.00  AM to 12.45 PM and again from 2.00  PM to 4.30 PM
4.   Co -curricular activities should happen from 5.00  PM to 7.30  PM

5.   Dinner will  be between 7.30  PM to 8.15  PM

6.   Study hour will be conducted from 8.15   PM to 9.15   PM

7.   Subject teachers should attend the study hour on rotation basis along with the school warden, P.ET,  CRPs etc.

8.   CRPs should stay in the hostels during nights.

9.   Recorded Video of Mana T.V Teleconference  on Gnana Dhaara Programme (telecasted   on  03.05.2018)    should  be  shown  to  the  teachers  engaged  m Gnana Dhaara,    in  their  respective   Mandals/venues   one  or  two  days  in advance.
10.The video  is  available on  youtube live URL Link:


11. Encourage   teachers,    District/Divisional    monitoring   teams   and   all   field functionaries, to see the video to understand the programme and work accordingly.
Remedial  Classes  and Assessments:

12. Teachers   have  to  deliver  predesiqned   remedial  contents  in  11       days  as detailed in the time table in Annexure -  II  by covering majority of the curricular contents  designed  for  22 days  as the  classes  are  being  conducted  in two

13.  Revision activities given towards the end of the  programme  may be carried out as time permits.
14. This programme will have baseline and end line tests only.  Due to time crunch the weekly tests are avoided.
15. But the Weekly test papers supplied to you should be given to the attended students for practice at home.
16.  Base line and End line tests are Objective tests with OMR based evaluation.

17. Each  set of  Base  line/End  line test  paper  contains  question  papers  of  all remedial subjects of Gnana Dhaara.
18. Note:   Base   line   test   booklet   supplied   to   some   districts   Srikakulam, Vizianagaram,   East  Godavari,   West  Godavari,   Krishna,   Guntur,   Kurnool, Kadapa  has descriptive type of question paper for Class IX. To such districts, objective type question paper for class X Mathematics is supplied separately. Hence the Heads of Gnana Dhaara Venues are requested to issue the same along with the Baseline test booklet.
19.  Hence the teachers should give proper instruction to the students in filling the OMRs.

20. Key for the OMRs evaluation will be communicated after the completion of the test.

21. Digital  content  should  be  supplied  to  all  heads  of  venues  through  mail.

Instructions  to the Venue  heads should be given to download the  contents and keep the digital content available.
22.As   a part of co-curricular programmes,  quiz books (10 per centre) are given to

each  venue.  The  teachers  can  share  them  to class  VI  and  X  students  in groups and encourage them to solve the puzzles given. Teachers  are to be instructed to go through the quiz/puzzle  books in advance and facilitate  the acitivity during the co-curricular time.
23. P.ETs  have to be in the campus from 4.00  PM to 7.00  AM


24. Soon after the completion of the end line test,  display of the students works done during the Gnana Dhaara Programme should be conducted from 11.30
PM to 01.00 PM

25. Valedictory meeting should be conducted between 2.00  PM to 3.00 PM

26. Parents, Local Public representatives,  Gnana Dhaara staff of the venue, monitoring team members,  H.Ms  should attend the valedictory Programme.

28.  Parents will  take their  wards back to home after valedictory.


29. Give  top  priority   to  the  safety   and  health  of the  students.    Instruct   Venue

Heads to provide  nutritious   food that fits for summer climate.

30.  Ensure the supply of Gnana Dhaara material to all the venues in  advance

31.  Constitute   District.    Divisional    and  Mandal  level   monitoring    teams  with   the Dy.Eos,    DIET  Principal,     SSA sectorial   Officers,   M.EOs   and  Complex  H.Ms and assign  duties  specifically.
32.Assign    specific  duties  to  CRPs  m   liaisoning   between  the  Gnana  Dhaara

venue and MEO of the Mandal Concerned.

33.  CRPs shall carry the OM Rs from their venues to the divisional   head quarter where  the  OMR  scanner   is  placed.  They  should   personally  attend  the scanning work of their centre until the scanning job is completed.
34.  MEOs should report day to day attendance status of the  students to the DEOs and the teachers'  attendance status.
35.  Centre  wise  and  consolidated   attendance  reports  of  students   should   be reported to the CSE,  marking a copy to Director SCERT
36.  Work in coordination with the Medical and Police Departments for the smooth conduct of programme.

Gnanadhaara programme details - time table- baseline,end line test details-Administrative guidelines - Roles and responsibilities

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