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Friday, 18 May 2018

Gnana Dhaara Summer remedial Programme Reschedule Rc.No.21 and Ceratain clariffications on ELs and Budjet

Gnana Dhaara Summer remedial Programme Reschedule Rc.No.21

RC.No.21/B/C&T/2018 Dt: 18.05.2018
Sub: School Education - "Gnana Dhaara" Summer remedial Programme Rescheduled from 28.05.2018 to 09.06.2018 - Confirmation of venues, Teachers and students to the Programme - Certain instructions issued - Reg.
Ref: 1. Minutes of the meeting with Hon'ble MLCs, Teacher Union representatives chaired by Spl. Chief Secretary, S.E Dept. on 03.05.2017
2. Progs. RC.No.21/B/C&T/2018 Dt: 11.05.2018.
3. Video conference with CSE on 17.05.218
All the District Educational Officers are hereby informed that, with reference to the minutes cited in reference 1, the Gnana Dhaara Programme is rescheduled to start from 28.05.2018 to 09.06.2018. The detailed time table to complete the summer programme will be issued shortly.
    In view of the above, all the District Educational Officers are requested to pay attention on the following activities
1. Confirmation of the residential campuses
2. Confirmation of the teachers to participate in Gnana Dhaara programme
3. Confirmation of the students to participate from 28.05.2018 to 09.06.2018
       Further, in case of any SW/TW/BCW/APREI campus is going to start Intermediate classes from 1st June 2018, you are requested to find any other venue in place of it.
     Further, in view of the progs. in the reference 2, you are requested to provide contact Numbers of the Dy.Eosl Members of District Gnana Dhaara Monitoring Cell (see annexure), to communicate the same to the Material Printers and Suppliers, in order to transport the material to the Divisional Head quarters.

Gnana Dhaara Summer remedial Programme Reschedule Rc.No.21 and Ceratain clariffications on ELs and Budjet

Certain clarifications issued  for thpoints raised  

1. The  budget  for the  said  programme   expenditure   where  may  be met from which   intervention.

Clarification:   Suggested     to  meet  from   learning    enhancement    programme intervention     or  explore    any  other   relevant    fund  to  meet  the  expenditure    of class   VI and   X students  who  are mapped  to this   programme.    It  may  be kept in  view  that only 30% of student  requiring    remediation     are expected  to attend. So expected  will  be far less than estimated.

2.  The  rate of the cost per student  of the said programme.

Clarification:  Rs.   30/- per student   per day for food  + Rs.   105/- for books  per student  or whatever    is  the rate per student  followed   by KGBV  norms.
3.   Any  remuneration/incentive  may  be  proposed to  the  support   staffs  of KGBVs which  was available in said programme.

Clarification: Earn  leave is announced to the in-service  teachers as  per  the Leave   rule  applicable.   Similarly   way  salary  may  be  offered   to  the  staff mentioned  in your  letter for  the  number  of  days  worked   in the   GNANA DHAARA programme.

Further,  the POs SSA may be instructed  to coordinate and work with  DEOs and support  GNANA  DHAARA programme in the following way.

i) Provide   boarding   and   lodging   for   all   the   students   who   will    be accommodated  in identified KGBVs from 281h   May to 101h    June  2018.
ii)   Sectorial/Academic staff and the CRPs to be involved in  mobilization  and identification  of  students needing remediation,   meeting   parent,  door  to door visits etc.
iii)   Meet contingent  expenditure covering supply  of water in  tankers  (Where
required),   incidental    medicines,   conduct  of  recreational  programme for students at the centre,   distribution of workbooks,  TLM to the centre etc
iv)   CRPs to be  assigned to specific  remediation center  in the  district.  To provide  necessary  support.

In  view of the above clarifications, needs successful implementation of summer GNANA  DHAARA programme.  I   request you to please issue  necessary  orders down the line  to engage the PO  SSA office and KGBV staff services  to that effect.

Appreciate  release of orders by  End  of Day today in  view  of paucity  of time.

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