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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Shaala Siddhi - Veekshanam Mobile App - Process / Steps to update the salasiddi dashboard information

Shaala Siddhi - Veekshanam Mobile App -  Process / Steps to update the salasiddi dashboard information

Shaala Siddhi -Veekshanam Mobile App  
Shaala Siddhi - Veekshanam Mobile App -  Process / Steps to update the salasiddi dashboard information

All the AMOs in the state Please Communicate  the link VEEKSHANAM salasiddi which is available in the and directly download through mobile only. This app is supported all mobiles. Please. Communicate the following guidelines

Teachers or CRPs can download the app and update the salasiddi dashboard information.
For schools user ID is school udise code ,  password is 123456.
Mandal I'd for inspectors or MEOs is Mandal code and password is 123456
MEOs can do second round evaluation and also to check the pending, completion and in progress school report at mandal level.
District level also AMOs also download the link and check the status report .
Pl.monitoring day wise updation report.
The above link also available in the school tabs also.


Download...user manual of Veeksha nam App

DOWNLOAD  ....HOW TO FILL Shaalasiddhi  in TELUGU 

Process / Steps to update the shaala siddhi dashboard information

Step 1. First download SHAALA SIDDHI APP from below link . now it is Not available in playstore

Step2  :   Login 
User Name : 11 Digits UDISE code
Password : Enter password 123456
Step : 3
Filling up the dash board
1. Fill in Demographic profile.
2. Fill class wise attendance rate   Submit and then next
3. Fill class wise learning out comes in percentage Submit and then next
4. Fill number of teachers  Submit and then next
5. Fill no of teachers who availed
a) Long leave
b) Short leave Submit and then next
6. Select your level against each core standard and prioritize the area developing  (low / medium / high )   Submit and then next
7. Like wise fill all the seven key domains
8. there are seven key domains and each key domain consists of certain core standards as follows.
Domain – I - 12 core standards
Domain – II - 9 core standards
Domain – III - 5 core standards
Domain – IV - 6 core standards
Domain – V - 3 core standards
Domain – VI - 5 core standards
Domain – VII - 5 core standards
Fill the mission statement in English with 20 to 50 words.
Fill the area improvement , proposed action, support needed and action taken for all seven key domains only in English.
Click and then submit.

Step : 4 
Before final submission click on the check box I accept terms and conditions.
Click on final submission (before final submission you can edit your data )
After final submission unfreeze icon will appear.
Click in unfreeze icon if you want to edit your information.
A dialogue box will appear on the screen for conformation.
Steps : 5
Generating reports.
Click on reports icon
Select the type of report
Select school evaluation composite matrix
Select school evaluation reports
Select school evaluation dashboard
Select composite matrix status report
       THANK YOU

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