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Shaala Siddhi - 2017-18 - School Accreditation Programme complete Details -Veekshanam Shaala siddhi App

Shaala Sidhdhi
The National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE), known as Shaala Sidhdhi is a comprehensive instrument for school evaluation leading to school improvement. Developed by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), it aims to enable schools to evaluate their performance in a more focused and strategic manner and facilitate them to make professional judgments for improvement. The programme’s objective is to establish and refer to an agreed set of standards and to provide clear pathways for each school for self evaluation, by focussing on key performance domains and their core standards for school evaluation. The structure of the Framework is simple yet flexible and lends itself to both self and external evaluation.

Shaala Siddhi - 2017-18 - School  Accreditation Programme complete Details -Veekshanam Shaala siddhi App

Guidelines  cum  plan  of action for- Shaala Siddhi  2017-18 - School Accreditation Programme

i.  Role of the District Educational Officer:
•  Overall in-charge for conduct of District Level and Mandal Level orientation as per the schedule.
• Instructions to the all the Principals of DIETs,  Deputy Educational Officers, MEOs and Sr. Teachers wherever required.
•   Monitor the Programme for in-time completion.
Guidelines  cum  plan  of action  for- Shaala Siddhi- School  Accreditation Programme

ii. Role of the Project Officer:
• The Project Officers is the convener of the entire School Accreditation Programme in the District.
•   Monitoring of the entire programme by appointing all sectorals as divisional wise in charges.
• Time to time updating of the programme and same should be sent to the SPO.

iii.  Role of the MEO:
•    Day to day monitoring of pre-assessment on evaluation and dash board.
•     Re-confirmation  of self assessment done by the HMs.
•Ensure  that  all  Schools under  all  managements  should be uploaded their school evaluation reports.
•   Proper instructions to all the HMs for filling up of Dash Board information.
iv. Role of the Head Masters:
•    Conduct of school level  orientation to all the teachers in the school.
•    Study and preparation of pre-assessment as per the schedule on DASH BOARD.
•    Up-loading of pre-pared  DASH BOARD information in the given portal
• Head Master is responsible and liable for any wrong information furnished in the portal.
v. Role of the CRPs:
•CRPs are responsible for the collection of the hard copies regarding the Shaala Siddhi DASH BOARD and to assist the MEOs for re-confirmation of the self assessment done by HMs concerned.
vi. Evaluation:
vii. A) First Level
In the first level assessment,  all the information with regards to accreditation in the DASH BOARD i.e School particulars, Teachers Particulars, Infrastructure, class rooms, maintenance of toilets,  Library,  Laboratory etc will be assessed by the self (HMs) and the same will be uploaded in the web portal by the HMs concerned.
b) Second level
In the 2nd  level assessment,  all the seven key domains which are given  in the guidelines should be verified and re-confirmed by the MEOs concerned and MEOs are responsible for any wrong  information.  Based on the  MEOs  confirmation,   all  schools will  be graded and MEOs should not show any favour to any particular school.

c)Third   Level:  by  state  team  involving  the  members   of SPO  AP  SSA, CSE, SCERT, DIETs IASCs, District Educational  Offices and District  Project  Offices of SSA.

viii.  Grading  of Schools:

All schools will be awarded by star grading according to their assessment by aggregating the Self Evaluation done by the HMs and External Evaluation carried  out by the Mandal Education Officers concerned.   Based on the Accreditation Analysis,  all schools will be supported and facilitated in the areas of Academic, Quality and Infra facilities etc.
Further     it    is     informed    that    the     Observers    (list    herewith     enclosed) shall be attended to the allotted districts on 06.04.2018 to observe the preparatory things of the programme and complains report will be submitted to this office. The state observers are requested to claim their TA& DA from this office.
All the Project Officers of APSSA in the state are instructed to print & supply the DASH BOARD  (Specifications  enclosed) to  all the  Schools of the  managements except private management. And also requested to provide lodging and transportation to the observers.  The budget regarding to printing & supply of DASHBOARD, implementation of the programme etc shall be met from the Shaala Siddhi which was allocation by the SPO of APSSA/ available funds of the DPO

DOWNLOAD...Proceedings and Guidelines and time shedule


All the AMOs in the state Please Communicate  the link VEEKSHANAM salasiddi which is available in the ssa.ap.nic.in and directly download through mobile only. This app is supported all mobiles. Please. Communicate the following guidelines

Teachers or CRPs can download the app and update the salasiddi dashboard information.
For schools user ID is school udise code ,  password is 123456.
Mandal I'd for inspectors or MEOs is Mandal code and password is 123456
MEOs can do second round evaluation and also to check the pending, completion and in progress school report at mandal level.
District level also AMOs also download the link and check the status report .
Pl.monitoring day wise updation report.
The above link also available in the school tabs also.

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