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Thursday, 1 March 2018

DR - Dearness Relief July 2017 to Pensioners , G.O.MS.No.28

DR - Dearness Relief July 2017 to Pensioners , G.O.MS.No.28 

Government hereby order the revision of rates of Dearness Relief to pensioners sanctioned in the G.O. 8th  read above, raising it by 2.096%  from 22.008% of the basic pension to 24.104% of the basic pension from 01.01.2017 in respect of : -
 (i) those who retired from service after 01.07.2013 and drawing pension in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015;
 (ii) those who retired prior to 01.7.2013 and whose pension was consolidated in the light of orders.
 These  orders  are  applicable  to:
(1)  (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) All  Government  Pensioners   in   receipt   of   Service   Pensions,   Famil under Revised Pension Rules,  1951, Andhra  Pradesh  Liberalised  Pension Rules, 1961  and  Andhra  Pradesh  Government  Servants  (Family   Pension)  Rules, 1964. y  Pensions Teaching  and Non-Teaching  pensioners  of  Municipalities,   Panchayat  Raj Institutions  and Aided Educational Institutions,  in  receipt  of  pensions  under  the Andhra Pradesh  Liberalised Pension Rules,  1961  and Andhra  Pradesh Government  Servants  (Family  Pension)  Rules, 1964. Teaching  and  Non-Teaching staff  in  Aided Educational Institutions in  receipt  of pensions under  the  Contributory  Provident  Fund-cum- Pension  and  Gratuit f y Rules,  1961  and  Andhra  Pradesh  Liberalised  Pension  Rules,  1961. Those   drawing   family   pensions   under   G.O.Ms.No.22,   Finance       & Planning (FW:  Pen.I)  Department,  dated  16.1.1971,  G.O.Ms.No.104,  Finance  & Planning  (FW:  Pen.I)  Department, dated 13.4.1973  and  G.O.Ms.No.25, Finance  &  Planning  (FW:  Pen.I)  Department,  dated 2.2.1974. Pensioners in  receipt  of  Compassionate Pension under the rules for Compassionate  Pensions  and  Gratuities in  the Hyderabad  Civil  Services Rules; and Those  in  receipt of  Pensions  under  the  Wound  and  Extraordinary  Pension Rules. (2)  Pensioners governed  by  Andhra Pradesh Revised Pension Rules, 1980. 4. These  orders  are not  applicable  to  the  financial  assistance  grantees and others who are  not entitled  to  Dearness Relief.
 5. Ready  Reckoner  showing  the  Dearness Relief payable to  the  State  Pensioners  in  terms  of these  orders is  annexed.
 6.   The March Pension at  the enhanced  DR  rates  shall  be payable in  the month of April  2018. The  arrears of  the  Revised  Dearness Relief  to  Pensioners  from  1st  January  2017  to  February 2018 shall be  paid  along  with the  pension of  March,  2018 payable  in  the  month of  April,  2018.
7.   All  the  Treasury  Officers/  Pension Payment Officers  shall  work out  and  make  payments  of the Dearness  Relief  on Pension sanctioned  in this  order without  waiting  for  further authorization/ instructions from  the Accountant  General  (A&E),  Andhra  Pradesh,  Hyderabad,  in terms  of  the orders issued  in  the G.O.Ms.No.270,  Finance &  Planning  (FW:  PSC.I) Department,  dated 7.10.1986.
 8.   All the Treasury  Officers/Pension  Payment  Officers shall  work  out and  make payments of the  dearness relief on  pension sanctioned in this  order  in  terms  of orders issued  in, Finance(Pen.I)Department,  Dt:  22.05.2014

DOWNLOAD...DR - Dearness Relief July 2017 to Pensioners , G.O.MS.No.28 


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