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Thursday, 21 December 2017

State Awards to the Female Teachers for the year 2018 for birth day Celebration of Smt. Savitribai Phule Jayanthi - Complete guuidelines

APSSA,   Amaravati  -  SIEMAT  -  State Awards to the Female  Teachers  for the year 2018  for birth  day Celebration  of Smt.  Savitribai Phule  Jayanthi  on 3rd January  2018 Proposals called  from  21.02.2017  to  27.12.2017   by the  District  Selection  Committee  -   Selection   of Awardees applicant - Instructions - Issued.

State Awards to the Female  Teachers  for the year 2018  for birth  day Celebration  of Smt.  Savitribai Phule  Jayanthi

The Government  of Andhra Pradesh have introduced state Awards for Women Teachers and decided to honor   the  best  female  teachers   who  have  rendered    their  services  in school  education  on  the  eve  of  Smt. Savitribai Phule Jayanthi  celebrations on 3rd  January.     Further  it is informed that every  year State Awards are being awarded by Government  of Andhra Pradesh to the Best Teachers  Selected on the occasion of Teachers Day i.e.,   Birth Day of Dr. S.  Radhakrishnan,    the former President of India on 5th   September as per Government orders vide reference  151   to 3'd  cited.

Further informed that,  it is  proposed to conduct Smt Savitribhai Phule birth day on 3rd January of every year in the State as women teachers day as she was the I" Women Teacher in India.

Therefore,  it is proposed to the best female teachers in 2 categories.

I. Regular female teachers from govt/Local body/aided schools

2. Special Officers and Contract Resident Teachers from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas,

 The Government  of India have promulgated an Act i.e. "The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act,  2009 (Act No.  35 of 2009)" popularly known as RTE Act.   In the said Act,  among other things, Govt. of India has  incorporated  the duties  of Teachers  and redressal   of grievances.     Government  of Andhra Pradesh has also  issued  Rules  under the provisions of RTE Act.     In view of the RTE Act and Rules issued there under,  it is  desirable   to  honor   the teachers  who have performed their duties  sincerely   and honestly  and worked hard  for the development   of education  of children  in their schools   with  special  focus on Access,   Enrolment, Retention,    Transition  to  next  higher  classes,  improved  Evaluation  techniques,   needs  of special  children   and community mobilizes for right approach to quality education.

1 ). Conditions of eligibility  of Teachers for considering   for the State Awards.

a)   Women Teachers  with at least 20 years of Teaching  experience  and who are actually working  as  Teachers/Headmasters   in  Government/Zilla   Parishad  /Municipalities   and Aided Institutions only shall be considered.

b)   Teachers  from the above  institutions  of physically  and mentally  handicapped  are also eligible for the Awards if  they fulfill as other prescribed conditions.

2)       Main  Considerations for Selection  of best women  Teachers:-

a) Special Work done for raising the Standard of Education. 
b) Teaching Methodology being followed by the teacher.
c)   Inculcating  Interest in extracurricular  activities  among the students.
d)    Educational     innovative    writing   useful  to the  students.
e) Community     Mobilizations/       Social    Work/  Community    Services f) Gender sensitization    & Girls Education
g)  Women Empowerment.
h)  Special   efforts of teacher to improve enrollment,   and retention.
i) Sincerity   and Commitment  towards the job and regularity  of     attendance  Willingness to work in  Interior areas.
j)  Strengthening   of  national    integration   like  -   NCC/   Scouts  &  Guides/NSS/   Other activities.
k) Cultural  Programs at District and state level.
I)  Interest in the helping   the CWSN/ Back ward students/Health  camps

The    Final     Selection       shall      be   made    by   the   State    Selection     Committee     from   out   of   the   names recommended     by the  District     Selection     Committee     from  all   the  13   districts.     The  Teachers    selected    by the  State Selection     Committee     will  be honored   with   a Gold  Medal    (Gold  Plated  silver    medal),    a Shawl, a Cash  Award   of Rs.10,000/-,Tablet  and  Merit  Certificate.


I.     Mandal   Educational      Officer.
2.   Headmaster    of Local    Government/ M.P./Upper Primary   Schools 3. One  member   from  outside   the  Mandal
(DIET,    Lecturer/Headmaster       of Govt./Z.P.     H.S).

The  quorum   of  the  Committee    may  be  two  (2)  members.     The  Manda!    Educational      Officer   may  enlist the  eminent     Teachers    of  Primary/Upper     Primary    Schools     in his jurisdiction    and  place  their  particulars      before  the Selection     Committee    and  send  the  selected    list   with  recommendations        containing      not   more  than  one  teacher    for each   of the  above   categories,    in the  prescribed    Proforma   along    with  the  certificate     of antecedents     and  character. Marks  awarded   by the  Committee    duly  signed   by all  the  members     of the  Committee    and  citation   which  shall    not
exceed   10  lines   on each   of the  selected    teacher,    to the  District     Educational      Officer   concerned. 
LEVEL: I.   Deputy   Educational      Officer     .
2. Senior  Lecturer   in DIET/Lecturer  in College    of Teachers   Education/
Institute   of Advanced    studies   in   Education
3. Eminent     Educationist.
The   quorum    of  the  Committee      may   be  two  (2)  members.       The   Deputy   Educational      Officer    may  be enlist  the  eminent   teachers    of  High   Schools     in  his jurisdiction      and  place,    their  particulars    before   the  Selection Committee     and  send  the  selected     list   with  recommendations,        not  more   than  one  teacher   for  each  of  the  above categories,    in the  prescribed    pro  forma   along    with    the  Certificate    of antecedents     and  character,      Marks   awarded by the Committee    duly  signed   by  all  the  members    of the Committee    and  Citation.

The   District   Educational       Officers   concerned    are  requested    to  recommendation      of  citations       shall    not exceed   10   lines    on each   of the  selected    Teachers. 


I. District Collector.
2.  Project Officer,  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
3. District Educational  Officer.
4.  Principal   of DIET.
5. Academic Monitoring   Officer,   SSA
6.  Senior/eminent  women state awardees
7. Eminent Educationist.
8. Any other District  Level  Officer
(Nominated    by District Collector)
9.  presentative of Good Voluntary
Organization  interested  in Education.


The quorum  of the Committee shall  be Six  ( 6)  members.  The Project Officer of Sarva Shiksha  Abhiyan and the District Educational    Officer shall  place the proposals,   with recommendations,    of the Teachers  received 
from       Mandal Educational  officers        and       Deputy        Educational         Officers        and       Principals        of DIETs/lASEs/CTEs/College         of  Physical    Education    before   the  District   Selection   Committee    for  selection   of the Best  Teachers.
The  recommendations      regarding    the  selected   teachers,   which  should   not  be more  than   one  teacher   from

each  category,    shall    be  sent  in the  prescribed    proforma   along   with  the  Certificate    of  antecedents    and  character, Marks   awarded    by  the  Committee     duly   signed   by  all  the  members    of  the  Committee     together    with   Citation which  shall  not exceed   10 lines  on each  of the  selected    teacher   at District   Level,  to this  office,   in a sealed   cover.
Selection    in  respect    of KGBV   SOs/CRTs    -  only  to  be decided    by  the  district    level  committee:
a)     Seniority
b)      Special   Work  done  for raising   the Standard   of Education. c)     Teaching   Methodology    being  followed   by the  teacher.
d)     Inculcating    Interest   in extracurricular     activities    among   the students. e)       Educational    innovative     writing   useful  to the  students.
f)     Community    Mobilizations/      Social  Work/  Community    Services
g) Gender   sensitization    & Girls  Education h)      Women Empowerment.
i)      Special efforts of teacher to improve enrollment, and retention.
j) Sincerity and Commitment towards the job like regularity of attendance,  not bringing  any political pressure for transfers  etc.,.
k)      Willingness to work in Interior areas.
I)      Strengthening of national   integration like  - NCC/ Scouts  & Guides/NSS/ Other activities. m)   Cultural Programs at District and state level.
n)    Interest in the helping the CWSN/ Back ward students/Health  camps.
o)     20 years experience  restriction will not be applicable to the KGBV SOs/CRTs as they are contract teachers and the KGB Vs are only established with effect from 2004.

The recommendation  regarding the   SOs and CRTs, which should not be more than one SO and CRT from each  subject,   shall  be  sent  in the  prescribed  Proforma  along  with  the  Certificate  of  antecedents  and character,  Marks  awarded  by the Committee  duly signed by all the members of the Committee  together  with Citation which  shall not exceed  10 lines on each of the selected teacher  at District  Level,   to this office,   in  a sealed cover.
The Principals   of DIETs/IASEs/CTEs/Colleges     of Physical   Education  are enlist the eminent  Teacher

Educators   under  his/her  control  and  place  their  particulars   before  the  District  Level   Selection  Committee through District Educational   Officer concerned.
The District  Level  Selection Committee  should  be requested  to submit  the particulars  of the Selected Candidates  in  the  prescribed   Proforma  along  with  the  antecedents  and  Character,   Marks  awarded  by  the Committee  duly signed  by all  the members of the Committee,  which shall  not exceed  10 lines on  each of the selected teacher  Educator to the State Project Director,   Sarvasiksha Abhiyan, Andhra  Pradesh,  Amaravati,   in a sealed cover in both Telugu  and  English  Languages.
The  final   selection    will  be approved  by the  following  State  Selection  Committee  out of the  names
The Teachers  and Teacher  Educators  selected  by the State  Selection   Committee  will  be honored with Cash Award of Rs.   10,000/-,    Gold Plated Silver   Medal,   a Shawl,   Tab and a Merit Certificate.    The T.A.will   be paid and 2"d  Class  Railway  Fare or Bus Fare and D.A.   will be paid as per A.P.T.A.   rules.
The Chairman   of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan   in Andhra Pradesh is requested to give wide  publicity of the programme  through News Papers or any other local  mass media.      The Chairman   of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of all  the Districts should  be represented at the State Function of honoring of Teachers without any deviation.
It is  intimated   that  this programme is  a time-bound   programme and as such,   the proposals  together with the Antecedent and Character Certificates and Citations, duly signed by the District Selection   Committee  should be sent to this office on or before  28-12-2017.    The proposals  received  without  the Antecedent  and Character Certificate,   Citation  etc.  shall  be summarily  rejected   and those proposals  received   after the last  date prescribed will not be entertained  and considered.

Incomplete  and  defective  proposals,  such  as: -
I.     Leaving the columns of Proforma  as blank.
II.   Recommendations   along  with marks awarded by the Committee,  which  are not signed  by the  District Selection    Committee,   proposals  which    are  not   having  a  gist  of  each  item   in  Proforma  and  the proposals  without the passport size  Photographs   duly attested at the back side of the photo will  not  be considered for Awards.
III.    If any Committee  sends particulars  of more than one candidate  in each  category  in deviation    of the above  instructions,  the same  will  be viewed   seriously  and the member-Convener   will be liable  for disciplinary   action.

The   Project  Officers  of  Sarva  Shiksha   Abhiyan    &   District  Educational  Officers  in   the  State  are requested to submit the proposals   in the prescribed  Proforma and  word document of the same shall  be emailed to mail  id siematap(@.gmail.com      while  sending a hard copy of the proposal   to this office by 28.12.2017.     No  proposals  are not  accepted after the due date.




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