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Monday, 18 December 2017



Proc. Re. No. 443/B2/C&T/SCERT/2015                                             Dated: 14--12-2017.

Sub:     SCERT, AP,  Amaravathi -  Implementation of Calendar Activities -  Conduct of
Ganitha Sapthaham -  2017(Ganitha  Mela)  (Mathematics Day) from 22-12-2016  to
28-12-2017  - Guidelines,  Plan of Action-  Orders - Issued - Reg. Ref:     Academic Calendar 2017-18 activities.
All the District Educational Officers and Project Officers of SSA in the State are hereby informed that SCERT, Andhra Pradesh has developed Academic Calendar for the year 2017-18 in which GANITOTSAVAM-2017 (Mathematics Day) is  one of the activities proposed in the month of December 2017. In this connection Department of School Education is decided to conduct Ganitha  Sapthaham-2017 (Ganitha Mela) (Mathematics Day) an innovative Mathematics Festival related to promoting Logical Thinking, Reasoning, Creativity and Joy of Mathematics among children.   It is decided to organize a 7-day festival in the month of December 2017.
In this connection all the District Educational Officers and Project Officers of SSA are informed to issue instructions to all the schools  irrespective of Managements to conduct Ganitha Sapthaham -  2017 (Ganitha Mela) (Mathematics Day) a 7-day festival in all the schools from class I -  X from 22-12-2017  to 28-12-2017   in their respective district. Further, all the District Educational Officers are requested issue instructions to Dy.EOs  and MEOs, to implement this event in all High schools and all School Complexes. For Primary level Ganitha  Sapthaham - 2017 (Ganitha Mela)  (Mathematics  Day)  celebrate  at  School   Complex  Level.  For  High  Schools Ganitha Sapthaham -  2017  (Mathematics Day) at School level only. The detailed guidelines and Action Plan are annexed. All the School Complex Headmasters may utilize required budget from School Complex funds to conduct  Ganitha Mela  at  School Complex  level  by involving  all Primary Schools.



•    To create fear free Mathematics learning environment in schools.

•    To make enjoyment among students by participate in fun with Mathematics.

•    To know about contributions of Indian and Western Mathematicians.

•     To identify rural, cultural Mathematics in their surroundings.

•     To develop innovative pedagogic practices in Mathematics.

•     To conduct Metric Mela in School Complex by involving School Complex catchment schools.

•     To conduct Quiz competitions relating to Mathematics.

Action Plan.

On the eve of Ramanujan birthday "Ganithotsavam" will be conducted in all Primary and High
Schools as Ganitha  Sapthaham from 22-12-2017  to 28-12-2017 across the State.

The Ganitha Sapthaham activity will be conducted for 7  days.  Due to Christmas holidays the Sapthaham activities are designed to work at home by the students and teachers. On 28-12-2017 conduct Ganithotsavam celebration  by conducting Quiz and Cultural Activities. The material prepared by the students should display in the school to create Mathematical environment  in the  school. Invite local academicians, Mathematicians for the festival.

The day wise action plan is here under:

PrimaryLevel (MetricMela activity - (Ganitha  Sapthaham - 2017) :

•     Along with the above schedule conduct 'Metric Mela'  at school complex on 28-12-2017.

This  is a special  school complex meeting for conduct of Ganitha Sapthaham by involving  all teachers and students of catchment schools on 28-12-2017.
•     Each  primary   school   should  prepare  different   material    related   to  Mathematics    and  display  the
same   in   Metric    Mela    at School     Complex.    (Example: Mathematical models, Measuring
instruments,   Tables,  Number grids,  Place  Value  grids etc.,)
•     Teachers   should   train  their   students   to  participate,   demonstrate    and  conduct   their  activity    in Metric  Mela.
•     Conduct  Mathematics   Quiz for the students  studying   4th  and 5th  Classes.
School  complex Head Master should take responsibility   to prepare quiz questions and judges keeping in view the number of schools.  (Only one team from one school can participate in Quiz)

•    Invite 2 expert teachers in Mathematics from nearby school  complex to act as judges.

Select 3 best performers from Metric Mela  and 3 from Mathematics Quiz and award prizes to the selected students by the judges.

•    Invite parents to Metric Mela.

Roles and Responsibilities

On the occasion  of Srinivasa Ramanujan birthday which is  celebrate  as Mathematics Day in all Primary and High Schools  in all the districts  in the State of Andhra Pradesh.  All the stakeholders are requested to play active role for the effective conduct of Ganitha Sapthaham from 22-12-2017 to 28-12-2017.

District Educational  Officer:

Conduct 1-day  meeting with all MEOs, Dy.EOs,  SSA Sectoral  Officers and DIET faculty for the effective conduct of Ganitha Sapthaham - 2017 in all schools  under all managements.

•     Communicate the schedule of activities  to all schools.

•     Give  wide publicity  in print  and electronic  media  about the  conduct of Ganitha Sapthaham  -

•     District level  observers visit  all the schools  and submit their visit  report.

•     The consolidated district report will be sent to SCERT by the end of December 2017.

Inform all Headmasters of high  schools  in the respective districts  to the schedule  of activities on the occasion  of Ganitha  Sapthaham -  2017 and instruct them to conduct the same without any deviation.

•    Instruct all the MEOs to conduct meeting with  School  Complex Headmasters for conduct of
Metric Mela on 28-12-2017.

Mandal Educational  Officer:

Conduct 1-day  meeting with all School  Complex Headmasters to conduct Metric Mela at School Complex  level  by involving   Cluster  Schools   on the occasion   of Ganitha   Sapthaham -  2017 on 28-12-2017.

Manda[  Educational   Officer are take necessary actions  for the effective  conduct of Metric  Mela activity  - Ganitha  Sapthaham  -  2017    Primary  level  in all School  Complex in their  respective Mandals.

•     Inform all the Headmasters of Primary and Upper Primary Schools   about  the activities   from
22-12-2017   to 27-12-2017   and Metric Mela  at School Complex on 28-12-2017.

•    This  should  be treated as a special  School  Complex  meeting.

•    Manda!  Level  Observers visit  Metric  Mela  at School  Complex  level  and submit their  report to

Mandal  Educational  Officer.

•     Manda! Educational  Officer submit  School  Complex  level  Metric Mela  - Ganitha Sapthaham -
2017      documentation      along       with       proper      photographs      should       be      sent     to apscertganitostavam20 l

•    Best Metric  Mela  activity  -  Ganitha  Sapthaham -  2017 will be awarded by the Department of
School Education.

Manda[  Educational  Officer promote all  the teachers, schools  should   participate in Metric Mela activity - Ganitha  Sapthaharn -  2017.
School  Complex  Headmaster:

School Complex Headmaster should communicate the detailed Action Plan and Activities related  to  Metric  Mela  -  Ganitha   Sapthaham   -   2017 to  all  Primary  Schools in their respective Cluster.

•    Make arrangements to conduct all the said activities  without any deviation.

•    Invite Judges and Guest lecturers from near School Complex or any other place.
•    Support the  observer on the preparation of documentation of  Metric Mela -  Ganitha
Sapthaham  -  2017  and submit the report to Manda} Educational Officer.
•    Utilize School  Complex funds for conduct of Metric Meala - Ganitha  Sapthaham  -  2017.

School HeadmasterI Teacher:

•The school Headmaster I Teacher allot work to all students prepare material by their own as per the schedule.

•  Motivate the students to prepare materials during holidays.

•   Prepare students to participate in Metric Mela at School Complex.



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