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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Kuchipudi Sikshna Pathakam" to teach Kuchipudi in Govt. High Schools in A.P.Guidelines and kuchipudi teachers list,Rc.317,Dt.19/9/2017

The Govt. of A.P has  initiated a scheme called   "Kuchipudi Sikshna Pathakam" to teach Kuchipudi in  Govt. High Schools   in  A.P.   For this purpose the  Andhra  Pradesh  Creativity   &  Culture  Commission,    Kuchipudi   Natyaramam    has selected  172 Kuchipudi teachers  to teach  dance  in  the above mentioned districts.    The list  of teachers  and the  letter   from the  Dept. of  Language   and Culture  is annexed herewith.
In the reference  2nd  cited,  The  Director, Department of language and culture, Vijayawada,  A.P  has requested for the allotment  of schools to the selected Kuchipudi dance teachers.    Details of the programme  are as follows.
1.       The dance teachers   will  teach   Kuchipudi   dance   to  students  from  class 6 onwards.
2.   They have to conduct 10 instructional hours  in  5 schools together @ 2 hrs on a single day/ 1   hr on two separate days in each school per week.
3.   Each teacher  has to be allotted 5 govt. High Schools  within  20 Kms distance  from their residential   addresses.
4.   Rs 12,000/-   per month towards honorarium  to the dance teachers  will  be paid by the Department of Language   and  Culture as read  in  reference 2.
Kuchipudi Sikshna Pathakam" to teach Kuchipudi in Govt. High Schools in A.P.Guidelines and kuchipudi teachers list,

Criteria for the selectionof schools, studentsand conductof dance classes:

1.       The programme should be conducted in High Schools of ZP/Govt./APMS/KGBV managements.

2.  Ensure that the schools  should have  a minimum  strength  of 150  and  above.

3. Please note  that  Dance  programmes  in   Govt.  Schools   in  Chittoor  and  Visakhapatnam    are   being     conducted    by  two   NGOs   namely  Syllogist  Foundations   in  Chittor  and TIPA  -  Artizen  in Visakhapatnam.   Hence   you are requested  to exclude  those  schools  from this  Kuchipudi  dance  programme  to avoid duplication.
4.  Volunteering   students,   both Boys and Girls from  classes  6 to 9 are eligible  to learn Kuchipudi.       Please   encourage    the   students    to   make   use   of   this opportunity.
5.    See that 10 students from each class (5 boys and 5 girls) should  be selected from class 6 to 9,  so that the dance class size would  be 40 all together.
6.    Consider the interest  of the students,  opinions of the class  teachers,  P.E.T while selecting the students. So selections shall  be made accordingly.

7.   The dance classes may be held during the Physical  Literacy hour,  at the end of the Day. An additional  one hour per session may be provided by extending the school  hours for these  students.  Head Masters should ensure proper security and safety of the students who will be staying back for the dance classes.
8.   Head Masters shall be instructed to facilitate  conduct of Kuchipudi  Dance Classes in their respective schools and provide a spacious room/hall for the conduct of the dance classes to the Dance Teachers.
9.   If required   a joint  meeting may be held for all the  Dancers and the Head Masters/Nodal Teachers for  setting expectations and to  provide clarity on roles and responsibilities.
10. The children learning Kuchipudi dance may be encouraged to perform the School Programs, participate in Kala Utsav Competitions and other events in the community.

After  identifying the  eligible  schools  with  sufficient  enrolment  and  space for conduct of the dance class,  the DEOs concerned are requested to call the selected Kuchipudi dance teachers,  and counseling shall be conducted for the allotment of 5 schools to each teacher especially where there are more no.  of dance teachers from the same town/area. The Deputy Educational Officers shall be entrusted the task of counseling.  Allotment orders shall be given accordingly.

It is further requested to complete the entire exercise within a week and ensure that the Kuchipudi dance classes commence from the a term beginning   onwards.  A copy of the list of allotted schools should be communicated to SCERT and CSE offices by 30.09.2017.

It  is  further  requested for  the  close  monitoring  of  the  programme.  Monthly feedback report from the Head Masters concerned should be called for.  The monitoring shall include quality  of dance teaching,  interest of the students towards dance learning, impact on studies and activeness of students, parents' response, suggestions for the improvements in the programme etc.   The consolidated report from your districts should be  communicated   for  each  term,   to the  Commissioner   of  School  Education, A.P  and Director  SCERT for further  course  of action

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