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Friday, 4 August 2017

GREEN SCHOOL PROGRAMME -Design cell- Organisation of Green School Programme in collaboration with centre for science and environment,Rc.446,CSE,Dt.1/8/2017

GREEN SCHOOL PROGRAMME (GSP)-Design cell- Organisation of Green School Programme in collaboration with centre for science and environment,Rc.446,CSE,Dt.1/8/2017

GREEN SCHOOL PROGRAMME -Design cell- Organisation of Green School Programme in collaboration with centre for science and environment,Rc.446,CSE,Dt.1/8/2017

What is a Green School?
A Green School is a resource-efficient building one that uses little water, optimizes energy efficiency, minimizes waste-generation, catches and recycles water and provides healthier space for its occupants as compared to a conventional building.
What is Green Schools Programme (GSP)?
The field of environment education is dogged by a very fundamental contradiction. While everyone, everywhere, asserts the importance of ‘learning to live sustainably’, environment remains a peripheral issue in the formal schooling system. It continues to be viewed more as an extracurricular activity and less as a subject with a priority position in the national curriculum. This is true not only in India but worldwide as well.Fortunately, it has not deterred many talented, creative and farsighted educators from experimenting and evolving extremely innovative teaching methods, materials and practices.
The novelty of CSE’s Green Schools Programme lies in the fact that it moves beyond theories and textbooks and concentrates solely on ‘doing’. It is an environmental education programme directed to subtly sensitizing students to the environment through hands-on and thoughtprovoking activities. It is also an environment management system that audits, through students, the consumption of natural resources within school campuses and helps schools become good environmental managers by deploying pragmatic solutions to reduce wastage of precious resources.
The   attention  of  all  the  District  Educational   Officers   in  the   state  are invited  to  the  references   cited   that   the  Government   has   forwarded  the  letter reference    2nd   cited    and    informed    that     the    Centre     for    Science     and Environment    is  organizing   a  program   to  Audit   the  Schools  under   Green School    Program,   which    requires   Registration   of  Green    Schools    under  the Green    School     Program  Audit    Launch   in   July,    2017     and    requested   to immediate   necessary    action    to   register   the   schools    under   Green    School Audit    Program   in   Andhra     Pradesh    and    send    the    compliance   report     to Government.
Further,  the   Principal   Secretary   to  Govt.   E.F.S   & T.  Department A.P,   Secretariat,    Velagapudi,   Amavaravati   has    stated  in   the    reference 2nd  cited   that  Centre    for  Science    and   Environment,    New  Delhi   submitted proposals   to   initiate    the   Green    School Program   Audit    in   at   least     1500 Schools    in  Andhra  Pradesh.   In   Andhra  Pradesh,    already  3250    Eco   Clubs have     been     constituted      in    schools      and     working     various    aspects    of Environment    Education  with  the   support  of Government   of Andhra  Pradesh
&  Government   of India.The   Centre  for  Science    and   Environment   is  organizing  a  program   to Audit   the  Schools   under  Green   School   program,  which   requires  Registration of   Green     Schools     under   the    Green     School     Program   Audit    Launch     in July'201 7.  There   is  no  fee  charge  for  registration   /   Participation   in  Green School   Audit   program.  The   School   Education    Department   is  to  register    / participate  in  the program. The  Centre  for  Science   and  Environment  will  be  organizing   the   Green School    Program Award   Ceremony  as    an    Annual   Even in  New Delhi sometime  during December 2017 or January   2018.

The  following   instructions    for  the  Green   School   Program  Audit:
1.  The    Centre    for  Science   and    Environment    (CSE),    New   Delhi submitted   proposals  to  initiate   the  Green   School   Program  Audit   in at  least   1500   Schools   in Andhra   Pradesh.
2.  The  Centre  for  Science    and   Environment    is  organizing  a  program to  Audit   the Schools   under  Green   School   program,  which   requires Registration    of  Green    Schools    under   the   Green    School    Program Audit  Launch  in July'2017.
3.  There    is   no   fee  charge    for   registration    /   Participation   in   Green School    Audit    program.   The   School    Education    Department    is   to register   /  participate   in the  program.

4.  The Centre for  Science  and  Environment  (CSE)  will  be  organizing the  Green  School   Program Award  Ceremony  as  an  Annual  Event   in New Delhi  sometime during December  2017   or January  2018.
5.  This program  most   of the  Participating    Schools   and   Children's  will be     aware     about     Environment Protection in general and Cleanliness,Rain water   harvesting,  personal   hygiene,  keeping  the surroundings  clean   and   Green,   which   will  ultimately   help   people and  the State.
6.  To  initiate the   Green   Schools   Programme  (GSP)  audit   in  at  least 1500 eco club schools   and   these  schools   to participate  and  submit their  Audit  reports.
7.   The   Centre   for  Science    and   Environment   (CSE) also   proposes   to institute  the  GSP  Andhra   Pradesh  State   rolling   Trophy  for  schools in  each   of the   13  districts   to keep-up   the  motivation    and   recognize efforts  of competitive  schools.
8.  The project is called GSP Gold and the model project is  an exclusive  engagement   with  five  selected    schools  in  Delhi / NCR  to bring  about   change  and sustain  the  green   initiatives   launched.
9. We  propose    to  initiate    GSP  Gold  in  selected  five  schools    of Andhra Pradesh,    with    the    support of  Andhra Pradesh Department of Environment,Forests, Science &Technology.
10. Registration   for  GSP  Audit  is  open  throughout  the  year. Schools need  to register  before  the  Audit  launch   - July 2017   in the  web  site i.e  http: //
11.Schools   can  purchase the  audit   manual  directly  from  Centre   for Science and Environment   (CSE)  (Rs.125), the cost can be debited to the Eco-club activity   fund. The audit  is  available   in  the  online http: //,for which the manual  need  not  be purchased.
12. Students  from  class   6th to 8th  /   middle school can  participate   in the    audit    process.    For   each    task    a   group / team   of   five-six students   and  one   teacher   should  be  formed,    for   the six themes (Air,  Energy, Food,   Land,  Water and Waste).
13. All management   of schools   in  the   state  of Andhra  Pradesh  may be  participate / register     116 schools in  each district.Should  be covered   all  mandal  in  the  district.
14. The audit should be conducted any time between  July,2017 to October,2017.A school   should  not  take more   than  two  months    to complete  the  audit report.  Though  the  deadline  to submit    the  GSP audit   is  October 31 (every year).
15. The Green Schools Report of short-listed schools will be scrutinized,verified and the best schools will be identified for the awards.
16. The  results  will  be  made public at the   GSP  website  by  January / February   2018.
17. All  the   Schools    that   had   submitted   audit  reports  will  be  given colour   coded   coded   certificates  according  to their   scores.
18. The  last   date  for  online   registration   is October 2017.
19. The  Objectives   and   main   components    of the   GSP  are  here   with enclosed  for further   process.Therefore      all   the   District     Educational   Officers     in    the    state   are requested    to   take     necessary    action     in    the    above   matter    and    submit compliance  report   to this  office. This  has   got  approval of Commissioner   of School   Education,    A.P. This should   be  treated   as  "Most   Urgent"


REGISTRATION FORM- The CSE's Green Schools Programme Audit 2017 


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