Tuesday, 29 March 2016

G.O.Ms.No.20,Dt.28.03.2016 - Conducting Common Examinations in all Schools

School Education Department – Conducting Common Examinations to the students from Classes VI to X in all schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of managements – Orders Issued.
In the G.O. 1st read above, Government have issued orders, for implementation of examination reforms i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern of examination system for Classes VI to IX from the academic year 2015-16 and for Class X from the academic year 2016-17 in fullest extent in all schools in the State i.e. Government, local bodies, aided and private recognized schools.
In the reference 2nd read above, it is decided at the highest level to conduct common examinations to the students of classes VI to X in all schools including all Residential Societies and Private Recognized Schools and the department of School Education will be the Nodal Agency for organizing common examinations and directed to issue detailed guidelines in the matter, immediately.
The Committee which was constituted on Conducting Common Examinations in all schools in the reference 3rd read above, in its report has stated that after introduction of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and after completion of four years of its implementation, different studies like National Achievement Survey, State Level Achievement Survey, Annual School Educational Report (Pratham) and Annual Achievement Survey 2015 reveal that the performance of students at different classes are far from the expected levels. As detention system is not in practice, students are promoted to the next higher class without achieving the required competencies. The Committee has, therefore, recommended for conducting of the Common Summative Examinations from classes I to X under all management schools including Andhra Pradesh Residential Educational Institutions Society (APREIS) Schools, A.P. Model Schools, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalayas (KGBVs), Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare / Ashram Schools, B.C. Welfare Schools and Private Recognized Schools in order to have a common assessment platform aiming to enhance quality of school education.
After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accept the recommendations of the committee and accordingly, in addition to the orders issued in the G.O. 1st read above on implementation of Examination Reforms i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern of examination system and in G.O. 4th read above on carry forwarding of weightage of 5% marks from class VIII and 5% marks from class IX to class X for the class X batch of 2017-18 and also orders of the Government from time to time on carrying out weightage of marks, it is ordered to conduct Common Summative Examinations for the students of classes VI to X in all schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of managements duly following the procedure mentioned below:
DOW NLOAD.....G.O.Ms.No.20,Dt.28.03.2016 - Conducting Common Examinations in all Schools


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