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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

KGBVFinancial Norms for drawl of funds pertaining to KGBVs- Issued certain instructions

APSSA, KGBV, Hyderabad - KGBVFinancial Norms for drawl of funds pertaining to KGBVs- Issued certain instructions - Reg.
A review of the Financial management in KGBVs has taken up and it is noticed that there are several constraints in release and incurring of funds by the Special Officers of KGBVs. It is further noticed that the Special Officers and Accountants have no past experience in dealing with the Government Accounting System as they are fresh appointees. Several irregularities were also noticed in the
Financial Management in KGBVsduring Internal Audit.
In order to rationalize the Financial Management in KGBVs the following guidelines are issued.
1. It is decided to centralize the system of payment of amounts to the dealers/firm etc., at the Project Office itself from KGBVs recurring costamount.
For this purpose, the Special Officers are directed to submit all the bills of expenditure along with students attendance and aquittance of the KGBVs to the Project Officer concerned by 5th of every month without fail. After due scrutiny of the bills by the Project Officer/District Chairman, SSA and
the Collector, the cheques shall be issued directly to the concerned dealers/firm through account payee cheques (should be ECS), from the DPO, KGBV recurring cost SB account by the Project Officer by 10th of every month instead of routing through the KGBVSchool account. In case
of any discrepancy noticed in the bills submitted by the Special Officers, the Project Officers should release the claim to the extent of genuinity as per pre-audit, later he shall call the explanation from the Special Officer on the objectionable claim. If her justification is reasonable as per rules in
vogue the balance amount also is be released. The bills/vouchers shall be kept month and KGBVwise by the Project Officer and should be produced for verification by audit parties. KGBV wise, activity wise tally data is to maintained at DPO level.
2. Further salary cheques of the staff members, both teaching and nonteaching should be directly credited into their accounts by the Project Officer by 1st of every month. For this purpose the Special Officer should submit salary bills by 5th of the succeeding month to the Project Officer concerned.
3. The cheques towards stipend amount of students should also be credited to the bank account of the respective students by the Project Officer.Necessary arrangements for drawl and payment of stipelld to the" students should be made at school point only, in co-ordination with the manager of
the respective banks.
4. AS regards payment of certain contingent emergency expenditure like purchase of Stationery, Medicines, Gas/Firewood etc. (within allocation of AWP&B) an amount of Rs.l0,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) is  sanctioned to each KGBV as imprest on recoupment basis. The Special
Officer should submit separate detailed bills for the above amount i.e. Rs.l0,000/- to the DPO immediately after incurring 80% of expenditure from imprest amount. The administrative sanction for recoupment of imprest amount can be accorded by the Project Officer, SSA to avoid delay.
5. At any cost usage of personal money towards KGBV maintenance is strictly prohibited.
All the District Collectors, Secretaries of APREI, APSWREI & APTWREI Societies and Project Officers of SSA are requested to follow the above guidelines strictly with immediate effect.
DOWNLOAD...KGBVFinancial Norms for drawl of funds pertaining to KGBVs- Issued certain instructions


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