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GO MS 53. Dt.14.8.15. Conversion of Success Schools in to full fledged English medium Schools

School Education Department – Conversion of  Success Schools into  full –  fledged English Medium Schools from 6th  to 10th  classes from the Academic Year 2015-16 – Orders Issued.
G.O.MS.No. 53         Dated: 14-08-2015.

 Read the following:

1.  G.O.Ms.No.76 Edn (SE Trg) Department, Dated:10-06-2008.
2.    From the C&DSE, AP., Hyderabad, Lr.Rc.No.24/Esstt.III-1/2015, dated:24-02-2015 &15.05.2015.


1. During  the  year  2008  in  the  combined  State  of  Andhra  Pradesh,  after widespread  consultations  with  various  stake-holders,  6,500  Government  /  Zilla Parishad / Municipal High Schools were identified for introduction of English Medium under  the  SUCCESS  (Strengthening  and  Universalization  quality  and  access  to Secondary Schools) Programme. Out of these 6500 success schools, at present 3428 schools are functioning in the State of AP.

2.In the G.O. 1st read above, Government had issued instructions for introduction of English Medium Sections in a parallel section in 6500 identified Govt Sector (ZP / Govt / Municipal High Schools in the State) and also to prepare schedule for training of teachers to improve English Language skills and strengthening the District Centers for English in all Districts.

3. From  the  analysis  of  the  2014-15  DISE  data  and  from  the  preliminary rationalization exercise undertaken during July, 2014, the following are found:
•   Out of the 4,976 High Schools (Government / Zilla Parishad / Municipal),
3,428 are the designated SUCCESS Schools with parallel English Medium.
•    Total enrollment in   both Telugu and English Medium   in the SUCCESS Schools is 13,39,180
•   Out of the total enrollment, enrollment in English Medium sections is
4,20,066 (31.36 %)
•   1647 SUCCESS Schools have more than 100 students enrolled in English
Medium sections.
•   1781 SUCCESS Schools have less than 100 students enrolled in English
Medium Sections.

4.It is a fact that 31.36% students enrolled in SUCCESS schools are pursuing English Medium. The rising enrollment in English Medium in unaided private schools clearly indicates the trend that there is tremendous aspiration among rural communities for English Medium education for their wards. Introduction of English Medium is the overall necessity of providing equitable opportunity of the children studying in the rural areas / belonging to disadvantage families.

5. In the above context, the Commissioner of School Education, AP, Hyderabad has requested the Govt for permission to convert all the 3428 High Schools functioning as Success Schools as full-fledged English Medium Schools from 6th to 10th Classes from the Academic year   2015-16.

6. After careful examination of the matter, Government   hereby permit the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad,  to convert SUCCESS Schools as full-fledged English Medium School from 6th  to 10th  from the Academic Year 2015-16 with the  following course of action :

I.            Only those SUCCESS Schools where the enrollment in English Medium is more than 100 be converted to exclusive English Medium in phase-I. The Telugu Medium sections shall be shifted to nearby High School within 2 Km. distance.

II.            If there is no High Schools within radius of 2 Km. and if one UPS is existing with adequate class rooms, the same shall be upgraded into High School to accommodate Telugu Medium students.

III.            In case two High Schools (one for Boys and one for Girls or both Co-Education) are functioning in the same premises Gram Panchayat / Location one school shall be converted exclusively as English Medium School. The Second School shall be made as Exclusive Telugu medium. In such case, both the school will become Co-Education schools. This is to prevent any likely drop out of students due to conversion as exclusive English / Telugu medium Schools.

IV.           Admissions for 2015-16

a        From the academic year 2015-16, the admissions in 6th  Class in those schools   converted    exclusively as   English Medium   SUCCESS Schools shall be made in English Medium only and this shall be made to progressively move to  full-fledged English Medium  by the  time  they reach IX and X Class.
b.     Medium of Instruction for VII and VIII Classes in these Schools is English. a.     Students in IX and X Class in these exclusively converted       English
Medium SUCCESS Schools shall be allowed to continue their studies in Telugu Medium, so as not to disturb their level of preparation for the SSC Common Examinations in 2015-16 &  2016-17.

V.          Teacher related.

a.        DEO’s  shall  be  instructed  to  identify  teachers  who  are  eager  and enthusiastic to teach in English Medium schools and who already trained in English. Such Teachers shall be posted in the proposed full-fledged English Medium Schools.

b.       All required handholding be provided to Teachers to update their skills and competencies to teach in English, by way of refresher training in English and English Teaching. This shall be done through partnerships with UNICEF, British Council, English & Foreign Language University (EFLU), Regional Institute of English (RIE), Mysore. To make them ready and prepared for the next academic year, the training shall be imparted during Summer Holidays by giving eligible compensation for the same. This should enable them to teach in English with ease from 2015-16.

c.        In all future DSCs, English Medium shall be made mandatory at least 3 levels for Teacher recruitment.

d.       All efforts shall be made to strengthen DIETs to meet the English training needs of the Teachers in the District.

e.        The requirement of teachers as per the staffing pattern and as per teacher pupil ratio is to be provided in the upgraded Upper Primary School.

f.        The teachers in the both the High schools will be as per staffing pattern prescribed and as per teacher pupil ratio. If found surplus teacher will be shifted to other needy schools.

g        While  giving  posting orders  to  teachers  in  exclusive  English  Medium Schools, Telugu Medium teachers with English Medium background i.e, in Degree & P.G. levels & willing to teach in English shall be given preference.

VI.     Text Books, Teacher Handbooks & Training

a.         Students enrolling in VI or moving to Class VII and Class VIII will be provided English Medium Text Books only. A revised indent shall be sent to Text Book Press keeping the revised need for English Language Text Books. The Director, Text Book Press shall be instructed to print and supply sufficient number of English Medium Books before the commencement of the academic year.

b.         Supplementary Teachers’ Hand Book / Module shall be developed and printed in English covering all the subjects on priority by SCERT and Text Book Press. These shall be supplied to all the  teachers teaching in English Medium with teachers Handbooks and Workbooks in bilingual.

c.         Fifteen  Days  of  Training  in  English  Teaching  to  teachers  posted  in exclusive English Medium schools shall be done in different spells throughout the year.

d.         Support of NGOs and professional organizations shall be put in place for these English Medium Schools for improving English teaching skills of the teachers.

e.        All the required posts for English Medium for VI, VII, VIII Classes in the said schools shall be filled up. Where vacancies persist, Academic Instructors educated and trained in English Medium teaching shall be hired on temporary basis.

VII.  Examinations & CCE :-

a)         Examinations  system  shall  be  modified  in  a  manner  to  prepare  the student to gradually adopt to English Medium. Students be given an option to take Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) & Final Examinations wholly or partly in English Medium. Those desiring,    the concession  be  allowed  to  take  the CCE and Final Examination Subject Papers in Telugu on a sliding scale as ordered below:

i.   During 2015-16, Class VI, Class VII & Class VIII students be allowed to write the Subject Papers in Telugu to the extent of 75%. Balance 25% (covering multiple choice, fill in the blanks, essay comprehension questions, etc.) be mandatorily written in English.

ii.       During 2016-17 - 50% Telugu and 50% in English Medium iii.     During 2017-18 – 25% in Telugu & 75% in English Medium.

b)         By ensuring such mandatory, but gradual induction of English Medium is expected to make students fully prepared for studying in English Medium by the time they reach Class IX.

c)       Class IX & X Students be allowed to continue to take the examinations in
Telugu Medium for 2015-16 and 2016-17.

d)        Students opting to study only in Telugu Medium be continued to do so in the other neighborhood schools.

VIII.   Libraries –
The Libraries in these SUCCESS Schools be strengthened with funds from RMSA by supplying easy to read/comprehend English books and reference books for Teachers.

7. The  Commissioner  of  School  Education,  AP.,  Hyderabad  shall  take  further necessary action accordingly.
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