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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Go 24 ,TS Overseas Study Scheme for Minorities for pursuing Higher Studies

Telangana State - Minorities Welfare Department – Introduction of a new scheme of “Overseas Study Scheme for Minorities” for pursuing Higher Studies in Post Graduate Courses in Foreign Universities from the year 2015-16 – Orders – Issued.
  1. O R D E R: The State Government is keenly interested in the social, educational and economic development and welfare of Minorities in the Telangana State and accordingly Government have made substantial allocations for providing Scholarships to Minority Students on a saturation basis and this initiative over the years has encouraged a large number of Minority Students to complete professional courses and other Graduate Course. 
  2. There are huge opportunities and challenges in India and abroad in respect of education and jobs and students from the Minority community are often handicapped because of their extreme backwardness and poverty and inability to access the benefit of pursuing education abroad to better their lives.
  3. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby order to introduce a new scheme of “Overseas Study Scheme for Minorities” for the benefit of the students belonging to Minority community and the following guidelines are issued accordingly: 
  4.  Guidelines for the scheme: Financial Assistance under this Scheme for studies abroad will be sanctioned to 500 minority students/graduates per year to pursue Post Graduate/Doctoral studies abroad subject to the following guidelines: - ¾ Minority students whose family income is less than Rs. 2.00 lakhs per annum from all sources are eligible. Total income from all sources of the employed candidates or his/her parents / guardians, shall not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakhs per annum. In case of employees, salary certificate from the employer is a must. In all cases the Income Certificate must be obtained through MEE SEVA. A copy of the latest Tax Assessment as well as the latest monthly salary slip from the employer is also required to be enclosed with the application. ¾ The maximum age under the scheme shall not exceed 30 years as on 1st July of the year of advertisement; ¾ Qualification: (1) For Post Graduate Course: 60% marks or equivalent grade in foundation Degree in Engineering / Management / Pure Sciences / Agriculture Sciences / Medicine and Nursing / Social Sciences / Humanities. (2) For Ph.D. Courses: 60% marks or equivalent grade in P.G. course in Engineering / Management / Pure Sciences / Agriculture Sciences / Medicine / Social Sciences / Humanities.¾ One Child in a family one time Award: Not more than one child of the same parents / guardians will be eligible and to this effect a self – certification will be required from the candidate. The awardee cannot be considered for the second or subsequent times as the individual can be awarded only once in a life time. ¾ Countries eligible under the Scheme: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. 
  5. Mandatory Requirements: (i) He/ She should have a valid TOEFL / IELTS & GRE / GMAT; (ii) He/she should have obtained admission in an accredited Foreign University; (iii) He/she should possess a valid Passport; (iv) The candidates are required to make their own efforts in seeking admission in accredited University / Institution abroad; (v) The selected candidate has to join the concerned university within one year of communication of selection. On expiry of this specified period of time, the award will be automatically cancelled and come to an end. No request for extension of time for availing the award is permissible under the scheme; (vi) The candidate shall not change the course of study or research for which the scholarship has been sanctioned; (vii) It will be the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the appropriate visa for a country wherein one intends to study further under award from the scheme and the Visa issuing authorities may kindly see that only such type of visa be issued which only permits the candidate to pursue specified course abroad and thereafter the candidate returns to India; (viii) The applications should be complete in all respects and should be accompanied by all relevant documents. The applications, incomplete in any respect, are liable to be rejected.
  6. Procedure for Selection: (i) Notification shall be published in leading dailies calling for applications and wide publicity will be given in University Campuses and in e-PASS portal in August / September and in January/February of the year; (ii) All such students desirous of applying for financial assistance for studies abroad shall apply online from 1st August to 30th September and again from 1st January to 28th /29th February of the year; (iii) 33% of the awards shall be earmarked for Women candidates (if adequate number of eligible women candidates are not available then male candidates may be selected against this 33%); (iv) The registration shall be made under the scheme online;  
  7.  The student shall submit the following documents: 9 Caste Certificate from Mee Seva; 9 Income Certificate from Mee Seva; 9 Date of Birth Certificate; 9 Aadhaar Card; 9 E-pass ID Number; 9 Residential / Nativity Certificate; 9 Passport copy; 9 Mark sheet from SSC/Inter/Graduate/PG Level; 9 GRE / GMAT or equivalent qualifying exam / test score card; 9 TOFEL/IELTS score card; 9 Admission offer letter from Foreign University (I-20, letter of Admission or equivalent); 9 Copy of the latest Tax Assessment is to be enclosed; 9 Copy of Bank Pass Book of Nationalised Bank; 9 Photo to be scanned and uploaded

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