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The Commission has scheduled the dates of Screening Test/Mcins Online)
examinations in the respective Notifications. Owing to administrative exigencies certain dates
are moditied and revised schedule is already hosted on Commission's Web. Consequent to
the revision, the consolidated statement of examination dates of all the recruitments are notified as here under

SSC Public Examinations, March 2019-Revised Schedule for conduct of Spot Valuation-Orders issued ,Rc.63

Dated: -03-2019
Sub:- SSC Public Examinations, March 2019- Postponement of the conduct of SpotV aluation -Revised Schedule for conduct of Spot Valuation-Orders issued -
SSC Public Examinations, March 2019-Schedule for conduct of Spot Valuation-Orders issued ,Rc.63

Ref: 1) Lr. on Rc.No.63/J-2/2019,dt:04.03.2019 from this office
2) Press note No.ECIPN/23/2019,dt:10.03.2019 from Election Commission of
India, New Delhi
It is informed that the press note 2d cited, regarding the announcement of the
scheduled date for the conduct of General Election to the Loksabha and Legislative
Assemblies in А.Р. on 11.04.2019. In view above, the earlier schedule from
03-04-2019 to 5-04-2019 for conduct of Spot Valuation of the SSC Public
Examinations, March 2019 which was communicated under 1t cited is now Re-
scheduled and to be conducted from 15-04-2019 to 27-04-2019 both days inclusive
for 13 days continuously in a single spell throughout the state in (13) spot valuation
centers situated in district head quarters.
Accordingly, a Reorientation Programme has to be conducted on Bar-coding
system on the reporting day i.e. on the 15-04-2019 for AFs/CEs/Spl Assts., by using
demo OMR Sheets and audio video CD (old) to be supplied in the forenoon session
and valuation to be commenced in afternoon session.
Further, it is instructed to prepare a revised schedule and plan of action so that
he valuation of the Answer Scripts of all paper codes allotted to the respective camps will be completed within the revised scheduled period 15-04-2019 to 27-04-2019
uly following the guidelines issued by the under signed from time to time. Under no
circumstances, the camps shall be extended beyond the given date.
Therefore all the DEOs in the state are requested to make all necessary
arrangements for the conduct of Spot Valuation Camp in smooth manner

Download.......Proceeding copy

APModel school -6th class Admission test on 31 /3 /2019 instructions and Download Hall Tickets

Sub- A P.Secondary Education Society - Model Schools - VI Class Admission test
Ref Notification dt. 28. 12.2018 for admission test for class VI class
to be held on 31.03.2019 Instructions - Issued

The attention of all the District Educational Officers and Ex-Officio Project
Coordinators in the state is invited to the reference cited and they are informed that, some of
Principals of A.P Model Schools in the State have informed that, there is training programme
on general elections on 31.03.2019 in some of the Districts
In view of the above, the District Educational Officers and Ex-Officio Project
Coordinators in the State are hereby instructed to make necessary alternative arrangements
in place of Chief Superintendents Invigilators who are drafted for election training
programme on 31.03.2019 under intimation to this Office and also to conduct entrance test
without any complications and disturbances.
The Principals of A.P.Model Schools drafted for training programme for
general elections on 31.03.2019 are hereby directed to handover the allocated funds for
conduct of VI class entrance test to the Chief Superintendents appointed in their places.

AP Model Schools 6th Class Addmission test Hall tickets.

 ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ మోడల్ స్కూల్స్ లో అడ్మిషన్ల కోసం దరఖాస్తు చేసుకున్న విద్యార్థులు పరీక్షల కోసం హాల్టికెట్స్ వెబ్సైట్లో అందుబాటులో ఉంచడం జరిగింది .హాల్ టికెట్స్ డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోవడానికి అభ్యర్థి యొక్క ఫోన్ నెంబర్ గాని ఆధార్ నెంబర్ గాని రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ నెంబర్ గాని ఉపయోగించి డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోవచ్చు.

Monday, 18 March 2019

EVM ,VVPAT ,CU - instructions to PO/ APO on EVM ,VVPAT Connection ,Usage ,Green seal in Elections 2019

EVM ,VVPAT ,CU - instructions to PO/ APO on EVM ,VVPAT Connection ,Usage ,Green seal in Elections 2019
EVM ,VVPAT ,CU - instructions to PO/ APO on EVM ,VVPAT Connection ,Usage ,Green seal in Elections 2019

EVM,VVPAT లను ఉపయోగించు విధానం...కనెక్ట్ చేయు విధానం...పోలింగ్ రోజు మాక్ పోలింగ్ ,కంట్రోలింగ్ యూనిట్( CU) కి ABCD గ్రీన్ సీల్ వేయు విధానం...8 పేజీల బుక్ లెట్...

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Elections - Exempted Categories - Poling Duties Exemption Rules

Technical Certificate Course( TCC) Examinations Results ,Download. Memorandum of Marks

Rc.No.314 /E1-1/TCC/2018
Technical Certificate Course( TCC) Examinations Results ,Download. Memorandum of Marks

The results of the Technical Certificate Course Examinations in
Lower & Higher Grades of Drawing, Handloom Weaving and Tailoring &
Embroidery held in January, 2019 are released. Total 6119 candidates were
appeared for the Examinations and 5014 candidates have been passed. The Pass
percentage is 81.949%. The candidates can download the Memorandum of Marks
from 19-03-2019 from www.bseap.
(Lower) 42 days Summer Training Course.
g web site to take admission in TTC
Further, the Pass Certificates will be dispatched directly to the istrict
Educational Officers of the concerned Districts in due course.
Sd/-A.Subba Reddy

Download.... Results bseap.org

ABACUS Maths Programme in 3900 Upper Primary Schools of all 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh, 3900 schools list ,Rc.5 ,Dt.18/3/2019

Government of A.P. has decided implement ABACUS Maths Programme in 3900 Upper Primary Schools of all 13 districts of
Andhra Pradesh
ABACUS Maths Programme in 3900 Upper Primary Schools of all 13 districts of  Andhra Pradesh

Abacus & Mental ability Programme is very useful to the students in developing
problem solving abilities and calculating abilities. This programme also improves logical thinking abilies of students.
Accordingly SCERT has identified 3900 Upper Primary Schools with highest
per the annexure attached to this. A Five men Tender committee has identified M/s BEEP Enterpriscs as LI agency in the process to supply abacus Mathematics material and also for giving teacher training on ABACUS usage. The said
agency will start delivery of the material to district points (SSA office Dstrict Head
Quarters) from Monday i.e 20-03-2019 onwards
ABACUS Maths Programme in 3900 Upper Primary Schools of all 13 districts of  Andhra Pradesh

Therefore all the Project Officers of SSA are requested to instruct their AMOs to
receive the material as per the schools number prescribed in the annexure. Please handover the signed delivery chalans to the concerned agency persons afer thorough verification of the supplied items
Teacher trainings at all levels will be planned and intimated very soon
SCERT, Andhra Pradesh

ABACUS programme Schools list

Elections - Exempted Categories Poling Personal- Poling Duties Exemption Rules

Elections - Exempted Categories Poling Personal- Poling Duties Exemption Rules

Elections - Exempted Categories Poling Personal- Poling Duties Exemption Rules

Election Commission of India,New Delhi జారీ చేసిన RETURNING OFFICERS HAND BOOK Feb.2019 లో పేరా 3 లో Exemptions  తెలియచేస్తూ వివరంగా ఇచ్చారు
.1 6 నెలల్లో రిటైర్ అయ్యే వారు.
2.రిటైర్డ్ అయినప్పటికీ సర్వీస్ ఎక్సటెన్షన్ అయినవారు
.3.ప్రెగ్నెంట్ మహిళలు మొదలైన వారు.
4.PHC Candidates .ఇవి అధికారికంగా ఎన్నికల కమిషన్ ఇచ్చినవి.కాబట్టి వీటిని పరిగణనలోకి తీసుకొనకుండా ఆర్డర్లు ఇచ్చినట్లయితే మనము RO గారికి అప్పీల్ చేసుకొని మినహాయింపు పొందవచ్చు.


3.3.1 The Commission has exempted certain officers from being drafted for election duty in view of essential nature of duties/service discharged by them.
3.3.2 The officers and staff of following departments will not be requisitioned for deployment of election duty:
• Such officers of the Indian Forest Service as notified by ECI;
• Doctors and Compounders working in veterinary hospitals;
• Officers working in Grade – B (Cattle Extension Officer) in veterinary hospitals;
• Medical staff including doctors, nurses, ANMs etc.;
• Territorial Staff of Forest Department;
• Staff of All India Radio;
• Staff of Doordarshan;
• Officers of Food Corporation of India;
• Ayurvedic, Unani & Homeopathic Medical Officer of Ayush Deptt.
3.3.3 The operational/technical staff of BSNL, MTNL, UPSC and educational institutions will be requisitioned for election duty only in unavoidable circumstances.
3.3.4 Officer/staff of Commercial Bank located in rural area and if happens to be a single officer branch, need not be deployed.
3.3.5 However, it is further to be noted that any official due to retire within 6 months’ time or who has already retired but is on extension of service or re-employed should not be drafted for any election related duty. It is clarified that while drawing persons for election duties, Returning Officer should explore the possibility of asking for persons from all such Corporations/PSU only so that it is not too much of a strain on a particular organization. 

3.4 Women Officials - (Women Persons Allotment of Duties - Exemptions)

3.4.1 The availability of female polling personnel should be examined for appointing Presiding/ Polling Officers in polling stations set up exclusively for female voters or where the number of female voters, especially, pardanashin women is large, there must be at least one lady-polling officer who may identify the women electors.
3.4.2 All pregnant women and lactating mothers, whether on maternity leave or not, or who are otherwise on medical advice not to undertake any rigorous or hazardous work, may be exempted from election duty.
3.4.3 Every female official called for election duty should be informed of the arrangements made for her stay. Unless arrangement is made and information in this behalf is furnished to such female official, she shall not be called to perform any election duty at any such place.
3.4.4 The female polling personnel should not be put on duty on the basis of computer randomization process. They should be put on duty in the neighbouring polling stations through manual randomization by the Observers, so that they are able to go to the polling stations on the morning of the poll day. (ECI Instruction No. 464/INST/2009 dated 22.09.2009 & No. 464/INST/2014-EPS dated 10.03.2014).

3.5 Judicial Officers

3.5.1 The employment of Judicial Officers for election work will be subject to the following conditions:
a) The present practice of obtaining the prior approval of the High Court before engaging Judicial Officers for election work should continue;
b) Civil Judicial Officers of and above the rank of District Munsif or any rank corresponding thereto will not be engaged for election work in any capacity;
c) Judicial Magistrates may not be appointed as Sector Magistrates in charge of law and order duties or engaged as Presiding or Polling Officers of Polling Stations; and
d) In States where there is no separation of judiciary and executive, Executive Magistrates may be put in charge of law and order work in connection with election; provided a sufficient number of them are left out for dealing with criminal cases arising out of the law and order situation relating to elections. In these states also, no Civil Judicial Officer should be detailed in any capacity for election work.

3.6 Persons with Disabilities 

3.6.1 Physically challenged persons with disabilities as defined under the “Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights & Full Participation) Act, 1995 should not be deployed on election duty. In the case of physically handicapped persons (including visually handicapped and deaf and dumb persons), it may be considered whether any handicapped person as aforesaid would be able to go to the polling station/ counting Centre and perform election duties there. If any a person would not be in a position to perform election duties, he must be exempted subject to the satisfaction of the District Election Officer/Returning Officer.
3.6.2 The DEO and the RO shall make personal efforts to ensure that the special needs and requirements of the physically challenged persons are taken into account while choosing the polling station for deployment. It shall be ensured that they are not posted in any remote area; rather they should invariably be posted at the polling stations located in the headquarter. This can be incorporated in the randomization software itself so that the database contains information about the physically challenged personnel, if any and if drafted on election duty those persons are not be posted in any difficult location even inadvertently.
3.6.3 The RO should make a special effort to identify such individuals at the time of training itself and personally meet and discuss with them in order to understand their nature of disabilities and limitations and decide the deployment. In case any such physically challenged person even inadvertently deputed to any difficult location, the RO should be in a position to make necessary change manually in consultation with the Observer (ECI Instruction No.464/INST/2008/EPS Date: 23rd December 2008).

( Final decision depends on the discretion of District Election Officer)

Download the Elections - Exempted Categories - Poling Duties 


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